Wacom Unveils Bamboo Pad Trackpad for Writing and Drawing


Wacom has announced the Bamboo Pad. It’s the company’s latest Bamboo product that looks to take on the desktop trackpad market by releasing a device meant for drawing and writing digitally on smaller surfaces. The Bamboo Pad has functions similar to that of the Magic Trackpad, with a full touch-sensitive surface and gesture support, but […]

Evernote giving away Wacom Bamboo Pen tablets to three lucky tweeters


If you’re on Twitter and want to win a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet to enjoy the wonderful inking experience of Evernote, there’s a contest for you. And for those of you who aren’t sure you’d like that experience, the Evernote Blogcast has a short write-up and YouTube demo to convince you.

CES 2010: Best pen input demo at the show


Samsung really went all out this year at CES with display areas dedicated to all sorts of little details, like the various aspects of their mobile phone platform, and demos that go beyond their field, such as an artist doing caricatures in digital ink.

Day 0.5 with my Wacom Bamboo (Pen + Multi-Touch)


Update 2: Think I got my problem licked. Details below. I’m not saying I have a problem, and I’m not saying that I don’t, but it’s possible – POSSIBLE – I am slightly too addicted to tablets. That was my wife’s assessment when she saw my new Wacom Bamboo tablet with pen and touch input […]

Wacom announces multi-touch Bamboo line


More than a week after tipping their hand, Wacom today officially unveiled their new and refreshed line of Bamboo tablets featuring multi-touch input. The line breaks out into five tablets: one pen-only, one touch-only, and three with pen + touch.

Wacom’s Drawtweet lets you tweet in ink


Well, my newfound obsession with finding info on new Wacom products has already paid off. No, I still know nothing about their multi-touch plans, but I have discovered that Wacom Europe has been offering a tool called Bamboo Dock, which adds all sorts of functionality to their Bamboo tablet (and I’m guessing their other tablets), […]

Wacom Bamboo Multi-Touch Tablet CONFIRMED


After passing on their tip that Wacom has built a multi-touch version of their Bamboo tablet, Engadget has confirmed the device exists, and they have the photos to back it up. Their tipster claims to have been using the device, priced at $69, on his Mac running Snow Leopard with no problems. No mention of […]

Wacom Bamboo Multi-Touch Tablet Spotted


Engadget received an anonymous tip about multi-touch input coming to Bamboo line of Wacom pen tablets, complete with blurry spycam photo. Presumably it uses the same Wacom technology going into the Fujitsu T5010. No sign of pen input in the verbiage, so I would guess it’s purely touch input. (Either that or their packaging designer […]