Wacom quietly releases two new pen displays


Without fanfare, Wacom has posted two new pen displays for sale on their website. The DTU-2231 and DTU-1631 are part of their “specialty industries” line. Not focused on graphic design like the Cintiq line, but more than adequate for most on-screen pen input needs, such as signing, editing and annotating documents.

Tablets, tablets and more tablets create Google Doodles


Sunday Morning on CBS took a look at the people behind Google Doodles, you know, that fancy art they do for their homepage logo everyday. No surprise, at least for us, the creation process shows a lot of Wacom Cintiq tablets. Great showing for pen input. But what’s this? A Tablet PC? Score!

Wacom Cintiq 21UX more sensitive and touchy, less weepy


Wacom has updated their Cintiq 21UX with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity but not multi-touch control. Instead, the new tablet display sports a pair of touchpads on the back of the bezel, allowing for many of the same functions as multi-touch gestures. The “Touch Strips,” used in conjunction with the thumb-controlled bezel buttons, allow up […]

Multi-touch Wacom Cintiq spotted


At SolidWorks World 2010, the convention for 3D CAD software company SolidWorks, a prototype Wacom Cintiq 21UX was spotted enabling multi-touch control in a software demo (around the 1:50 mark in the video – after the jump). 3D CAD blog SolidSmack has confirmed it is a Wacom prototype, not a mod, tentatively scheduled for release […]

Wacom Intuos4 goes wireless


If you’ve been itching for the precision of a Wacom Intuos pen tablet but can’t be bogged down by wires, you’re in luck. Wacom’s new Intuos4 Wireless sends inky goodness to your PC via Bluetooth, offering freedom of movement in positioning it on your desk, kicking back in an easy chair to doodle, or turning […]

CES 2010: At the Wacom booth

Finally! We found the Wacom booth at CES and put our hands (and pen) on several products, including a Fujitsu Tablet PC. Not having the best luck with using multi-touch and pen simultaneously. Will definitely need to keep touch turned off for most of my usage.

CES 2010: eDGe, Alex and more eReaders from Marvell

We got our hands on the latest eReaders at the Marvell booth. The enTourage eDGe and Alex from Spring Design were both there. Amy shares her thoughts on the Alex. I spill ink on the enTourage eDGe Wacom Penabled e-ink screen with its included stylus, as well as mine, and determine if it is pressure-sensitive.

What to Get Your Favorite Tableteer for Christmas


Tableteers, like Geeks of all stripes, love to see gadgets and gear under the Christmas Tree or in their stocking. Of course a new Tablet will certainly endear you to any Tableteer (or would be Tableteer) out there. But there is a range of gift ideas that don’t involve purchasing a Tablet that can brighten […]

Wacom announces multi-touch Bamboo line


More than a week after tipping their hand, Wacom today officially unveiled their new and refreshed line of Bamboo tablets featuring multi-touch input. The line breaks out into five tablets: one pen-only, one touch-only, and three with pen + touch.

Wacom’s Drawtweet lets you tweet in ink


Well, my newfound obsession with finding info on new Wacom products has already paid off. No, I still know nothing about their multi-touch plans, but I have discovered that Wacom Europe has been offering a tool called Bamboo Dock, which adds all sorts of functionality to their Bamboo tablet (and I’m guessing their other tablets), […]

Clearing up the Digitizer Issues on Lenovo’s Touch Thinkpads


There’s been some confusion on what digitizers Lenovo is using on the new Thinkpads using Windows 7. This post should hoepfully clear that up. Admittedly we’ve helped spread some of the confusion, so apologies for that. But let’s hope this clears it up. Lenovo is sprinkling review units of the x200T Tablet PC and the […]

Rant: Wacom needs better PR


Check that: Wacom needs PR. Period. I don’t use this word very often, in fact this may be my first time, but I am flummoxed, absolutely flummoxed, by our complete lack of information on the new Wacom multi-touch products. And I don’t just mean us here at GBM. I mean, as far as I can […]

Wacom Bamboo Multi-Touch Tablet CONFIRMED


After passing on their tip that Wacom has built a multi-touch version of their Bamboo tablet, Engadget has confirmed the device exists, and they have the photos to back it up. Their tipster claims to have been using the device, priced at $69, on his Mac running Snow Leopard with no problems. No mention of […]

New Multi-Touch Fujitsu Tablet PCs with Wacom Digitizers!


Been almost eight months since Wacom demoed their multi-touch capacitive digitizer on a Tablet PC, and we’ve without updates since. Now, finally, comes word that not one but two new Tablet PCs are in the works packing Wacom multi-touch goodness. Straight out of IFA 2009, German site Golem.de shows us two new convertibles from Fujitsu, […]

Wacom Releases New Intuos4 Tablets


Wacom has released (on its European site) its next series of Intuos4 graphics Tablets. As is typical they come in a range of sizes (Wacom calls them S, M, L, XL) and of course price ranges. In addition to pen input, the Intuos4 line have eight customizable keys (ExpressKeys) that include OLED displays that show […]

Wacom PL-900 For Your Next Presentation


This Wacom screen looks to be geared more to the educational or large corporation video departments, but still looks like a nice tool to use while giving a presentation.  The Wacom PL-900 has a 19” screen, with a 1280 x 1024 resolution, that will allow the use of the digital pen to annotate and write […]

CES 2009: Rob’s Thoughts on the Show


It has been widely reported that attendance at CES 2009 was down. While it was much easier to walk around the halls without feeling like you were stuck in a New Your subway, we stayed busier than ever just trying to keep up with everything. There were definitely good products to see and great folks […]