New Toshiba Multi-Touch Portege Will Not Have Active Digitizer EMR In It

Toshiba Multi-Touch Portego Wacom

We brought you news on Saturday about Toshiba’s M750 prototype with Wacom’s Capacitive Touch digitizer being demoed (video and pictures!!). Shogmaster is telling us that Toshiba is NOT planning on including the active digitizer EMR in the capacitive touch solution, which means a pen won’t be included and you won’t be able to ink. This […]

Toshiba M750 With Wacom Capacitive Multi-Touch Demoed On Video


Shogmaster came through for us again, this time getting one on one time with a prototype Toshiba M750 Tablet PC running Wacom’s new capacitive touch digitizer. The demo was done using a custom program written to showcase the Wacom capacitive touch. No word on when this might be coming, but it tells us where Toshiba […]

TabletKiosk’s eo i7300 – 7” Active Digitizer and Touch


TabletKiosk’s redesigned i7300 7” ultra-mobile pc will feature a auto-sensing Wacom active digitzer and touch — the only 7” active digitizer on the market. In addition, it will now feature a Intel Atom 1.6 ghz processor and dual hot-swappable battery. With both batteries, TabletKiosk’s report a 9 hour battery life. digitizer The eo i7300 will […]

GBM InkShow: Lenovo W700ds, Part 2

In part 1, we gave everyone a quick hands-on look at the Lenovo Thinkpad W700ds, as well as some close-up pictures of the W700ds, docking station, and size comparison to the Lenovo X200 Tablet PC. In this part 2 video InkShow, we go in to a little bit more detail on how the dual screens […]

Dwell Wacom Live Design 2D Rendering Videos

Below are 3 videos from the Dwell Wacom Live Design 2D Rendering Challenge that were posted up on YouTube. The videos are done on either a Mac or PC using a Wacom Cintiq Tablet with Adobe Photoshop, and/or Autodesk Sketchbook. The videos are compressed and each one is about 60 seconds long, but the drawings look great when they are done! Check out each one after the jump:

Wacom Announces Capacitive Touch Plans


We’ve been waiting for official word on Wacom’s plans for capacitive touch for quite some time and it looks like we’ve got that some inclination of where they are going now. According to this press release from Tokyo, Wacom is now announcing that they will deliver capacitive touchscreens in 2009. Quoting from the press release: […]

So, What Tablet PC Would I Recommend?

Since posting my article about Dell and the continual problems with N-Trig, I’ve received some inquires about what Tablet PC I would recommend instead of the Latitude XT Tablet PC. As most folks know, this is a very personal decision. There are many factors to consider: how you work, do you work while standing, power […]

iTab – Another Mac Tablet Into The Mix

We’ve seen a few before, and Rob did a few videos with the ModBook, but this one on Engadget is a very interesting spin on the whole "Mac Tablet" idea.  Wei of Weistudio has taken a Wacom Intuos tablet and shoved a MacBook inside (not really but just about). Very well done! (Site must be […]

Wacom and E Ink Partner Up to Bring Pen Input to Paper Displays

This has tremendous potential for those of us who like to read e-books / newspapers and mark them up using a digital pen: From Wacom and E Ink Corporation announced today a partnership that will integrate Wacom’s Penabled(R) digital pen input solution with E Ink’s Vizplex(TM) electronic paper displays. With pen input high on […]

Wacom Goes Capacitive Touch

At CES 2008, we brought you word that Wacom was going to be bringing capacitive touch out this year. Today, Wacom is announcing their capacitive touch technology and will be unveiling it May 20 – 22 at the International Society for Information Display Exhibition in Los Angeles. Here are the details via PRNewsWire: Wacom introduced […]

1024 vs 256 Pressure – Is there a difference?

This is an interesting look at the difference between the digitizers on a Wacom 21UX (I have one of these at work – they are really nice) and a Toshiba (?) Tablet PC. Watch the video and see for your self.  I don’t think I can even make squiggly lines that nice – better an […]

GBM InkShow: Wacom Cintiq 12WX

For the past two weeks, I have been able to try out what I’ve called my ideal office setup – a Wacom Cintiq 12WX combined with an OQO Model 02. Generally I’ve been very happy with this combination as an ideal office set up. You’ve heard a lot about the OQO already, so I focused […]

What’s That on Sierra’s Desk?

Yes, you see what I had previously described in a podcast as my dream setup for home – an OQO Model 02 paired with a Wacom Cintiq 12WX digitizer monitor. I’ve only had the two together for a couple of days, but already I can tell that these two make a marvelous pairing – the […]

InPlay Technologies – Under the Hood

The entire team got the opportunity to sit down with InPlay Technologies at CES to catch up on the new technologies. Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, InPlay Technologies made the troubled FinePoint digitizer. However, a lot has changed since that time – management, engineering, and the manufacturer they use to […]

Expect Wacom Capacitive Touch Tablet PCs this Year

I just left the Wacom booth, talking with Wacom’s Steve Sedaker, their OEM Sales Manager. I asked him about Wacom’s take on N-Trig entering the space. He pointed to Hp’s $1299 multi-mode TX2000 vs Dell’s $2399 XT – nuff said. He also said that they are actively working OEMs on on capacitive touch, and to […] December InkShow and Podcast Roundup

We’ve turned a corner into another year, and the New Year promises to bring lots more GBM InkShow, Shortcut, and Podcat goodness. But before we head off down the path of that New Year, let’s take a look back at the December goodies we left under your Christmas tree. We covered a range of topics […]

WACOM Cintiq 12WX Review From Gizmodo

Check out this great video of the new Wacom Cintiq 12WX monitor.  This would be a great addition for us Tablet PC users to have hooked up to our desktops, or even an additional screen to write on with our Tablet PC’s!!  Nice video and well written summary – I’ve been trying to get one […]

GBM InkShow: Inking on a Desktop with the Bamboo Tablet

I’ve recently changed my desktop computing situation picking up an iMac. I’m running both Mac’s Leopard OS and Vista Ultimate in VMWare Fusion virtual machine, and was curious how Inking would work on a desktop using a Wacom Tablet. I could have waited for Shogmaster to show me,  but picked up a Wacom Bamboo Tablet […]

Toshiba Portégé R400 Review

Mitchell Oke over at Gear Diary just posted a detailed review of the Toshiba Portégé R400. I’ve always like Gear Diary’s reviews; I’ve been reading Judie’s stuff for years. This is no exception, and the short video that Mitchell provides gives a great overview of the capabilities. The seriously cool wireless dock appears to work […]