Sony Trades on Nostalgia in Xperia Z Ad

Video thumbnail for youtube video Sony Trades on Nostalgia in Xperia Z Ad

Sony’s new ad for its upcoming Xperia Z uses the nostalgia of older Sony devices to market the new smartphone. The ad starts in the 1950s with people on the street gathered around a store window watching color TV on a Sony Trinitron TV. There’s a sense of wonder among the people standing in the […]

Sony Announces Walkman F800 Media Player With Android 4.0 ICS


Ahead of Samsung’s rumored Ice Cream Sandwich-powered portable media player, Sony has announced its latest Walkman F800 PMP with Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. As the device comes pre-loaded with Android, users will have access to Google’s Play Store to download apps, games, and content including music, TV shows, movies, and magazines […]

Sony Walkman NW-Z1000 iPod Touch Competitor Spotted at FCC


Sony is prepping a new portable music player with the Walkman branding and large touchscreen that will utilize the Android operating system in the form of the NW-Z1000, which was recently spotted at the FCC for U.S. regulatory approval. The device would be positioned as not just an iPod Touch competitor, but Sony’s latest Walkman […]

Sony Launches Live with Walkman Android Phone

Sony Live with Walkman

Sony has introduced a new phone at the Sony Developer Conference, the Sony W8. This is no regular Sony Ericsson Android device, it is a Sony Walkman device. Sony has said that the Sony Live with Walkman phone will beĀ availableĀ in select markets before the end of 2011. The Sony Live with Walkman has Walkman integration […]