Grading My 2010 Predictions


Well, 2010 is almost gone and it is time once again to gear up for some predictions for the next year. But before I do that, here’s a look back on my predictions for 2010 and how I scored with those. In my view, the biggest story of 2010 was Apple and its iPad. It […]

Snag in our iPad coverage


First day coverage of the iPad at GBM has hit an unfortunate snag. As many of you know, Warner’s mother has been ill these past few months. Well, he just got a call from his sister to head over right away. He, of course, is en route as I write this.

Who got a Blot? The 5th Annual Life on the Wicked Stage Ink Blots Awarded


As we march into the holiday season, it’s time again for festivities, gift-buying stress, flu shots, and, of course, the highly prestigious Ink Blot awards. Our very own Warner Crocker is into the fifth year of his Life on the Wicked Stage Ink Blot Awards. The “Blotties” as I call them (every good award needs […]

2008 Ink Blot Awards Announced


For the last four years, Warner Crocker has been running his very popular Annual Ink Blot Awards over on his personal site, Life on the Wicked Stage. Warner humorously acknowledges, and often satires, just about everyone he knows, reads about, or follows. His insight is so on the money it is scary. Nobody is sacred: […]

An End To the Beta Culture Nonsense: Could it Happen?


I’m going to issue a rousing second, or amen, or here-here, to Jesus Diaz’s Call For Revolution Against Beta Culture. I am in absolute agreement with Jesus on this. Things have gone a bit too far as we now accept inferior, not quite ready hardware and software as the norm when things are released, knowing […]

MIDdling Around


Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) are slowly starting to make their way to market. As they do, some are questioning whether the timing is too late, or if there is indeed a place for them to fit. Listening to the recent MobileTech Roundup podcast, the three hosts talked about this and all dismissed the category as […]

(Hand) Writing on the Wall: Ray Ozzie and the Past Tense of Tablet PCs


Rob has already penned his thoughts on this. Here are mine. Loren Heiny points to an interview from last week’s PDC with Ray Ozzie where the past tense is everything. Here’s the quote (emphasis is mine): ““Windows 7 is just innately, if you play with it, a great release. I think the doubters will see […]

Why Hands On Is So Important


My good friend and colleague, Steve Przybylski, needed to take his MacBook Pro in to the Apple Store for a Genuis appointment today and I thought I would tag along for the ride to check out the new MacBooks that were just released. I’m glad I did. Although I’m not in the market for purchasing […]

Congratulations to Warner Crocker

Big kudos to my main man Warner Crocker on being re-awarded Microsoft’s MVP for Tablet PC for the 4th straight year. Warner, you give so much to the mobile pc community and this site wouldn’t be what it is without you. Congratulations!   Technorati Tags: Warner Crocker,Tablet PC,MVP,Microsoft

Strangling the Golden Goose

Mobile is all about getting the Internet in your pocket these days. It appears for some of the major players who are driving the scene it is all about picking customers pockets as well. Apple has led the charge with its iPhone and now that T-Mobile, Google, and HTC have announced the G1, the first […]

Discussing Turning Off Tablet PC Features Further

This weekend’s discussions here at GBM and elsewhere about Steven Sinfosky’s comments in a recent post using the Tablet PC bits as an example of components of Windows that can be turned off have generated quite a bit of passion. In the big picture that is a great thing. Quite a few folks weighed in […]

Steven Sinofsky and the Tablet PC: What Do We Really Know?

Yesterday, Loren Heiny responded to a post by Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky about customizing Windows and the many responses that they have received from users, some of whom think that allowing users to turn features on or off based on how they plan to use their computers. In the post he listed the Tablet PC bits […]

Microsoft’s Image Enhancement Rollout Needs A New Voice

Microsoft is busy spending $300 million on a new campaign to roll out, refurbish, re-build, revive, renovate, re-constitute, re-invent, re-whatever its image after ceding the battlefield for far too long and allowing Apple and others to shape the story since the launch of Vista. I hate to say it, but the effort seems not only […]

Let Me Control My Task Tray Apps Better Please

It is no secret that applications that install themselves or stubs of themselves in the Task Tray create love/hate affairs with most users. If you use an application or service frequently, the convenience of having it there outweighs the overhead and resources it consumes. Most users are skilled at the various methods of removing applications […]

Is There A Myth Behind Bars?

Of course the answer to the question in the headline of this post is yes. I don’t know if you’ve been following the recent testing going on regarding Apple’s woes with the new, some would say regrettably named, iPhone 3G, but there is a wave of influencers out there pointing their fingers more at the […]

Apple and AT&T Need To Come Clean on 3G Issues

Somebody, somewhere in Cupertino is seriously beginning to regret calling the new iPhone the iPhone 3G. Maybe (and I stress ‘maybe’) there is the beginning of some clarity coming with the mysterious issues surrounding 3G reception and Apple’s new iPhone 3G. No surprise that clarity isn’t coming from Apple or AT&T. For a few days […]

Best Buy to Sell iPhones. How About Other Small Devices?

The news that Best Buy is going to be selling iPhones as of September 7 isn’t the point of this post. That news does raise an interesting question though. You can certainly say that the iPhone has already become a sales success so Best Buy isn’t really taking a gamble here at all. But will […]

App Stores and Mobile Devices: A Siren’s Call or a Candy Store?

The news is full today of the apparent and unsurprising success of Apple’s App Store, raking in over $30 million in a month. That news is also rounded out by some other commentary that wonders just how many of those apps people are really using once they’ve downloaded them, and where the real killer apps […]

The End of Tablet PCs Debate Keeps Perking

On the one hand the debate about the viability of Tablet PCs has been going on for quite some time. On the other hand one could say that the fact there is a debate almost proves the thesis. Loren Heiny picks up on a recent post from Rob Bushway and has this to say: However, […]