Using Today’s Tech to Augment a Fundraising Campaign


This has been a challenging beginning to the New Year. Wayside Theatre the, small not-for-profit theatre company I work for is still struggling to come out from under some heavy duty financial pressure that we’ve been dealing with since the economy went bottom up in 2008. The good news is we’re still here. Quite a […]

Siri in the Snow

Heavy wet snow trees already down | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Today is just one of those days where Mother Nature throws you a curve ball. We’ve dealing with an uncharacteristic early snowfall her in northwestern Virginia that is causing all sorts of chaos because, well, it is uncharacteristic and no one was prepared for it. This was to be one of the peak weekends for […]

The Tablet Challenge: Using a Tablet as a Script in Rehearsal


As I continue to check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the HP TouchPad, along with my ongoing usage of the iPad 2, I’m about to begin an interesting two week challenge. OK, that’s not being intellectually honest. This is one of those instances in my ongoing comparison testing when the the iPad 2 […]

Prop Shopping with Mobile Tech


Cameras have been a big part of shopping for props for plays and film for a long time. You shop, you snap photos, you bring them back to the folks who make the decision and you make a go/no go decision based on the production’s needs. I’ve spent the better part of the day today […]

Mobile Playwriting and Rehearsing

Southern Crossroads

We’re in playwriting mode, or rather play creation mode here again at Wayside Theatre. While we do plays all year long, it is only once, maybe twice, a year that we create one essentially from scratch. The one we’re working on now will be just such a world premiere. It’s called Southern Crossroads: The New […]

Using Different Screen Sizes as a Proofreading Tool


I’m in the middle of writing a new play that we’ll debut at Wayside Theatre at the end of the month. As I’ve been working with my collaborator, composer and arranger Steve Przybylski, we go back and forth sending each other drafts, outlines, sketches, etc… We do some of this via email and some of […]

The iPad Two Months In and One Show Opened


It is a little over two months since I got my hands on the iPad (WiFi model). I did an update 1 month in and while this two month update may be a few days late, it is only because we’ve been working hard to open Wayside Theatre’s season opening production of Shenandoah. That happened […]

Smart Phone in a Snow Bank

IMG_0007 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These last several weeks have been, well, to put it mildy, freaking insane at Wayside Theatre. We’ve dealt with three snowstorms that have left us with more snow than we can measure and lost performances. I was away on two audition trips in the middle of all of that dealing with the pain that comes […]

Delaying Upgrades When Under the Gun


Apple fan boys are jumping up and down for what looks like the release of the Snow Leopard edition of Apple’s operating system on August 28. This is coming earlier than most had originally thought. I’ve already placed my pre-order for this, but if it arrives before the weekend I’ll be waiting a bit before […]

Surviving Three Weeks of Crazy Work with Mobile Gadgets


Whew! It’s over and life is slowly returning to normal for me. (Although normal is always a moving target.) Several weeks ago I launched into a very intense work period where I was to direct two shows at two different theatres in two different states. It sounds further away than it is, as Wayside Theatre […]