Google Glass Gets Stylish with Shades & Prescription Lenses

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.55.45 AM

Nearly one year after Google initially started sending out its new wearable technology smart glasses to developers and early adopters, Google Glass if finally getting a bump in the right direction when it comes to style and daily use. It’s no secret that having Google Glass and a camera strapped to your face isn’t trendy, […]

Narrative Clip Wearable Camera Available Nov 1 for $279

Narrative Clip Camera in three colors

Previously called Memoto, the Narrative Clip wearable camera will become available starting November 1st at a steep price of $279. The company announced their new name, release date and price today along with news of $3 Million in funding. They describe the Narrative Clip as a “tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a […]

Google Glass-Like Device User Claims Assault at McDonald’s

Eye Tap Google Glass

While visiting Paris with his family, Steve Mann, was physically assaulted by three individuals, several of which appear to be McDonald’s employees for wearing digital eye glasses in the store. Updated with 2nd response from McDonald’s Steve Mann invented the EyeTap Digital Eye Glass to help people see better, and according to his account he’s worn […]

Google Project Glass Sample Photo Is Stunning

Project Glass Sample Photo Is Stunning

Just a few weeks after we got a glimpse at the first photo taken with Google’s Project Glass, we now have another sample to feast on. In a post yesterday on its official Google+ Google Glass page, Sebastian Thrun, the same developer who shared the first picture taken with the Google Glasses, has shared yet […]

Google Glasses Debut in Project Glass Demo Video

Project glass closeup

I’ve had my eye on Google Glasses ever since information started leaking out, and with the release of information about Project Glass I am officially excited. Project Glass is the name for the group that wants to bring augmented reality and information sharing glasses to the real world, at a price you or I could afford. The Project Glass team inside […]