Nokia Maps Web App Updated for iOS, Android with Voice Guided Walking Directions


Nokia has announced that the web app edition of Nokia Maps, which is compatible with the browsers on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, has been updated to include voice guided walking directions. Users interested in the capability can open their mobile browsers and visit to try out the speaking directions. The solution […]

How Financial Times is Helping Consumers Unshackle Themselves From Apple


Financial Times just disclosed early results behind its newly launched web application and the data suggests a shifting trend from the apps ecosystem, in which Apple’s iOS mobile platform leads, to web apps, which can be accessed from any browser on any platform. According to the publication, whose native iOS app was removed from Apple […]

Google Launches Google Music Web App for iPhone, iPad

Google Music Web App

The announcement didn’t come with any big announcement but I have a feeling this might actually be a pretty big announcement for some of you out there who love Google Music and own an iPhone or an iPad. Google, rather slyly, announced that it has released a web application for devices running iOS 4. If […]

Rumble in the Clouds: Amazon Sweetens Their Cloud Player Pot

cloud fight

Amazon responded today to the challenge that Apple’s upcoming iCloud is sure to pose. Amazon announced that their Cloud Player (which launched a couple of months back) will now offer unlimited music storage, provided you buy a $20/yr. plan. The retail giant also announced a web app for their Cloud Player, which can be run in Safari […]

Twitter Rolls Out Web App for iPhone, Android

Twitter Web App

Today, Twitter announced that it has started rolling out a new web app for mobile devices – both Android and iPhone – that can be found when going to in your favorite mobile browser. Twitter believes that the web app will provide a consistent experience for mobile Twitter users especially for those that don’t […]