How to Delete Your Galaxy Note 4 Browser History

Stock up with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

These days privacy is a top priority for many smartphone users, especially when we use our devices for anything and everything. If you happen to own the Galaxy Note 4 and would like to learn how to delete or remove your browser history, we have you covered. Privacy should always be a top concern, and […]

How to Speed Up Android Web Browsing


When it comes to browsing the web on our Android smartphones and tablets, Google’s Chrome Browser is one of the best options around, but it could be better. If you’re still frustrated by slow web browsing or choppy scrolling, we have a solution. Chrome for Android replaced the stock Android browser after Android 4.0 Ice […]

Chrome iOS Bug Reveals that Incognito Mode Is Broken


A new bug in Google’s Chrome app for iOS has been discovered, and it’s a big one for privacy buffs. The bug deals with Incognito Mode, and it was discovered that any Google searches done in Incognito Mode would show up in search history when in a regular Chrome window from the Google home page. […]

Opera Coast iPad Browser Goes Full-Screen With Gesture Controls


Opera thinks they have nailed down the perfect web browser for the iPad, and it relies mostly on gestures and using websites as “apps” in order to make the web browsing experience a little bit more bearable on a tablet. The company has released its Coast browser, and it’s only available on the iPad and […]

Mozilla Bringing “Junior” Web Browser to iPad

Mozilla Junior

Mozilla wants to make browsing the web easier with its new web browser, “Junior.” According to The Verge,¬†Mozilla’s Junior web browser is relatively simple compared to Safari and every other browser in the App Store. Unlike most other browsers, Junior doesn’t support tabs. Instead the browser presents users¬†with a full screen website with two buttons […]

Amazon: Kindle Touch Won’t Browse Web Over 3G

Kindle Touch Wi-Fi and 3G Version together

At last week’s massive Kindle launch I didn’t get a chance to see if the new eInk eReader models still had the “experimental” web browser since the demo units were so closely guarded. However, Amazon’s customers have not let up on asking about it — no surprise given how popular the feature is — and […]

Google Maps Arrives for Mobile Browsers

Google Maps for Mobile Browsers

If you own an iOS or Android powered device, you probably find yourself using Google Maps pretty often. In fact, 40% of Google Maps usage is through mobile devices. Well, today, Google wants to make things easier for iOS and Android owners and it has released Google Maps for mobile browsers. Now when you enter […]

Enable pinch and twist gestures in Firefox 4


If you’ve downloaded Firefox 4 to your multitouch Windows tablet and wondered why pinch-to-zoom wasn’t working, it’s not just you. The update has that disabled by default, but a little configuration magic can get it up and running again, as well as a twist gesture to roll between tabs.

Geeks Moving to Chrome, Consumers Still Running IE and Firefox


Geeks will dump a browser and adopt another if it proves to be faster and have more bells and whistles. Techcrunch is reporting today that Google Chrome is used by more of its visitors than any other, ripping the title away from FireFox after four years. Google Chrome is currently my favorite browser and I […]

Opera Unite: A Server in a Browser

Opera Unite services

Been pondering ways to repurpose my old Tablet PC. One thought was to turn it into a server to act as a hub and connection point for my files and whatnot, but I’ve been too lazy to implement that. Turns out, my sloth may have paid off. The folks who brought us Opera, the super-speedy […]

Internet Explorer 8 Officially Released

Microsoft  will be making the much anticipated IE8 available at 12pm EDT, today, March 19th, 2009. Microsoft’s latest attempt to keep its market share in light of some stiff competition from Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera Browser, Apple’s Safari, and even Google’s Chrome Browser looks promising. Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer claims, “With Internet Explorer 8, we are delivering […]