How to Delete Your Galaxy Note 4 Browser History

Stock up with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

These days privacy is a top priority for many smartphone users, especially when we use our devices for anything and everything. If you happen to own the Galaxy Note 4 and would like to learn how to delete or remove your browser history, we have you covered. Privacy should always be a top concern, and […]

Friday Is Update Your Parents’ Browser Day

Update Your Parents Browser Day

I started seeing this notion on Twitter a couple of days ago, and now Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic is hoping to make it official by declaring Friday Update Your Parents’ Browser Day. I would take it one step further and declare the days between November 25th and December 25th as Update Your Parents’ Browser […]

Geeks Moving to Chrome, Consumers Still Running IE and Firefox


Geeks will dump a browser and adopt another if it proves to be faster and have more bells and whistles. Techcrunch is reporting today that Google Chrome is used by more of its visitors than any other, ripping the title away from FireFox after four years. Google Chrome is currently my favorite browser and I […]

Less than 30% of Geeks Using IE When Visiting GBM


According to a Network Applications report, Internet Explorer’s popularity’s at 10 year low. Less than 60% of web users are choosing to surf with IE and more than 40% are opting for alternatives such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The share of GBM readers visiting this site with IE is falling pretty quickly.Based on our web statistics […]