Southwest Airlines First to Offer Gate-to-Gate WiFi Service

Image Credit: Gordon Werner

After the FAA decided to allow mobile devices to be used during take-off and landing last month, numerous airlines have changed their policies as well, allowing passengers to use their smartphones or tablets from gate to gate. However, Southwest Airlines is going a step further and will allow flyers to use the airline’s WiFi service […]

Chrome iOS Bug Reveals that Incognito Mode Is Broken


A new bug in Google’s Chrome app for iOS has been discovered, and it’s a big one for privacy buffs. The bug deals with Incognito Mode, and it was discovered that any Google searches done in Incognito Mode would show up in search history when in a regular Chrome window from the Google home page. […]

Gmail Back Up to Full Strength, Affected More Users Than Expected

Gmail Logo

Gmail suffered a prolonged service outage yesterday, with tons of users reporting that they weren’t getting any email, and that sent emails were getting delayed — sometimes for over two hours. Google has since fixed the issue, and they announced today that the issue was caused by a “dual network failure,” which “is a very […]

Gmail, Google Docs Experiencing Service Disruptions This Morning

Gmail Logo

If you’ve been having a hard time connecting to Gmail or other Google services this morning, the company has confirmed that they’re experiencing service disruptions for Gmail, Google Documents and Google Presentations. Google first reported on the issue at 10:25 am Eastern time, saying that it was investigating the issue. Google put out an update […]

Google Now May Come To Google’s Homepage

google chrome now page

Google may soon expand Google Now to all Google users by adding it to the Google homepage. Google Operating System found mentions of Google Now in the source code for a page that Google is in the process of testing. The code makes several references to Google Now, including lines that will introduce the user […]

Globalgig Launches Affordable Mobile Hotspot for International Travelers


If you’re a traveler destined for the U.S., the UK, or Australia, then Globalgig‘s hotspot solution may help you cut high international data charges. Travelers to foreign countries usually either have to get an unlocked phone–or unlock their phones themselves–and use a local SIM card for more affordable voice and data calls, or pay roaming […]

iPad Commanded 88% of Black Friday Tablet Web Traffic


Despite analysts’ predictions of fluctuating tablet market share, when it comes to web traffic for tablets on the busiest consumer retail day of the year, Apple’s iPad still reigns supreme compared to competing Android slates. In a report by IBM, the iPad controlled 88 percent of all web traffic from tablets for the post-Thanksgiving Black Friday […]

iCloud’s Web Interface Now in Beta, Storage Pricing Detailed

The login screen for iCloud

With the flood of iPhone 5 rumors we get clobbered with every week, it’s refreshing to get some solid news about another exciting Apple launch that is approaching. Developers (and non-devs who have registered for an iCloud account) can now access Apple’s web portal for the upcoming iCloud (as reported by 9to5Mac) at Any fears that […]

Google Maps Arrives for Mobile Browsers

Google Maps for Mobile Browsers

If you own an iOS or Android powered device, you probably find yourself using Google Maps pretty often. In fact, 40% of Google Maps usage is through mobile devices. Well, today, Google wants to make things easier for iOS and Android owners and it has released Google Maps for mobile browsers. Now when you enter […]

Google Music Beta Hands On and First Impressions

Google Music Beta

Google launched the Google Music Beta, an online storage space for up to 20,000 songs, web player and Android App, at Google I/O last week. WE just got access to the service and have started to put the cloud music service through its paces. Google Music is currently in an invite only beta, which you […]

Chrome Users Get Option to Opt Out of Online Ad Tracking


Google is now releasing an extension for users of its Chrome browser that will help with privacy concerns. The extension, which can be downloaded here, will allow users to opt out of ad tracking. The company has noted some of the features and downsides of using the news privacy extension on its blog: However, the […]

Did the Cloud Crack?

Unless you go out of your way to avoid current events, you know about the turmoil in Iran and the passing of  the world’s biggest pop music  icon. And if you follow computer tech news, you’ve noticed a lot of chatter on how these events are impacting the Internet, showing us either the strength or […]

Internet Explorer Mobile 6 Screenshots

For those of you with Windows Mobile 6 devices out there, this will probably be some wonderful news.  The Unwired has some screenshots of an updated IE mobile browser!  For me, this is one area where the iPhone is much better than the Tilt I was using previously.  If version 6 of IE Mobile is […]

HP, Yahoo, Intel Collaborates On Cloud Computing

IBM and Google’s joint Cloud-based project at the top universities of Carnegie-Mellon, Stanford, and MIT has been in full swing since May, putting pressure on for the rest of the industry to respond. Answering the challenge, HP, Yahoo, and Intel have announced their collaborative efforts with research teams from Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), […]

The dotMobi Web

Browsing the Internet on mobile devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and PMPs is hotter than ever and often more frustrating than ever.  Although devices like Nokia’s Internet Tablets and Apple’s iPhone/iTouch have greatly improved browsing on a small screen, there is still a long way to go with mobile web browsing.  In our quest […]