Some in HP Think It Might Resurrect the TouchPad?

HP TouchPad

HP’s Todd Bradley is apparently doing damage control in the Far East with a number of HP’s partners following HP’s big announcements recently. He’s telling Reuters (and presumably the partners) that even if HP spins off its PC business that it could be a profitable venture, saying “a standalone company could and will do what’s […]

Samsung Considers Buying webOS from HP?


It looks like webOS may find a new foster parent in Samsung as HP still has yet to figure out what it wants to do with its $1.2 billion acquisition when it had bought Palm, according to new speculations brought forth by DigiTimes. More recently Samsung has also been rumored to be taking a keen […]

TouchPad Update Brings Document Editing to webOS


For those who managed to snag an HP TouchPad tablet on the cheap when HP offered a fire sale on its remaining inventory, you can now edit documents on your slate thanks to a software update to the webOS QuickOffice HD application that comes pre-loaded on the device. With the update, users can edit and […]

Hulu Starts Blocking the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad

If your device doesn’t fall under Hulu’s agreements with studios, there is generally no soup for you. Translation: Hulu’s website is blocked on most tablets, and when you head to its website, you are greeted by a black screen that informs you that your platform is not supported. You get an apology for the inconvenience […]

How to Find Out When HP Has $99 TouchPads in Stock

HP TouchPad

As you might know, the HP TouchPad has been on sale for extremely low prices ever since the company announced that it was killing production of the webOS powered tablet. And because of this fire sale, there is insane demand for this device. I mean, who wouldn’t want a $99 tablet that will likely have […]

Saying Goodbye to the HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad

Like many I was stunned at the news from HP last week that they were dropping their interest in webOS hardware. Like some I think it is probably the beginning of the end of webOS, even with many (including HP) saying it might still have a life. I was more amused than stunned at the […]

HP Pre 3 Not Launching in US, Will Sell for Cheap in Europe

Pre 3

Last Friday, we got word that AT&T had canceled orders for the HP Pre 3 in light of HP’s move to kill off both present and future webOS hardware. A few of you were skeptical and others were holding out hope for a release on Verizon but today, we have learned that the Pre 3 […]

HP’s webOS Fall Out May Benefit Android Most


Now that HP has announced that it will not be making new hardware for webOS, followed by a strategic message that the company will, however, continue to support the platform’s development despite the fire sale of devices over the weekend that placed the 16 GB model TouchPad at a bare $99, users of the platform […]

Retailers Prepare Fire Sale and Refund Policys for HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad Tablet | HP® Official Site | U.S.

Oh, the spectacle. Oh, the drama. It didn’t take long at all for retailers to go into disaster mode once the news that HP was killing the TouchPad. Amazon went into fire sale mode last night with the 16GB TouchPad briefly going for $99 and the 32GB going for $149. Although this morning you’ll only […]

AT&T Cancels U.S. Orders for HP Pre 3

Pre 3

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 or so hours, you would know that HP decided to can the webOS-powered HP TouchPad as well as webOS powered smartphones. It seems that the company will not start to explore the possibility of licensing the software out to hardware manufacturers like HTC, Samsung […]

HP Stock Price Down on WebOS and Possible PC Spinoff


Investors aren’t feeling so great about HP (HPQ) after the company announced that it would discontinue the HP TouchPad and webOS devices, investigate selling the Personal Systems Group and purchase the software company Autonomy Corporation. As the market begins to open, HP is down 16% in after hours trading on the news and the third […]

HP to Explore Hardware Partners for webOS


HP dropped an absolute bombshell on the tech world today. It’s killing the HP TouchPad, its webOS tablet, and it will not be releasing any further webOS powered smartphones. The HP Pre 3 never had a chance. So, now what? The logical guess has been that HP intends on licensing webOS out to hardware makers. […]

Why Didn’t Tablet Buyers Want to Touch the TouchPad?

HP TouchPad

When we learned that Best Buy couldn’t move the HP TouchPad we weren’t surprised, but today’s news that HP would discontinue the device and essentially pull out of the consumer slate tablet race did catch us off guard. As I began to think about it, I’m not really that surprised that the TouchPad didn’t get […]

Don’t Buy a HP TouchPad, Pre or Veer — No Matter How Cheap

HP TouchPad

The shot heard ’round the tablet world today came from HP, at least for this week, as they ceased production of WebOS devices entirely. As a result you may begin to see steep discounts on the many WebOS devices already in stores as they try to unload a dead product. Don’t be fooled. Do not buy an […]