Intel Announces RealSense 3D Camera for Computers and Tablets

Intel RealSense 3D Camera

As webcams become more and more useful, companies are looking for ways to improve it in desktops, laptops and tablets. Intel thinks they can lead the way with a new RealSense 3D Camera that Intel claims is “the world’s first integrated 3D depth and 2D camera module that helps devices ‘see’ depth much like the […]

How to Stop Hackers From Playing Peek-a-Boo With MacBook Webcams


In a startling discovery, it appears that the webcams on Apple’s iMac desktops and MacBook laptops could be remotely activated without the knowledge of the user. To assuage privacy concerns, many notebook manufacturers–including Apple–place a recording indicator light next to the camera lens to alert users that the webcam is activated. However, despite these efforts, […]

Go Paperless with Webcam Notes in Evernote

Evernote Webcam note

If you are trying to go paperless, one of the biggest challenges will be digitizing the paper that people still send you all the time. I’ve found that the built in webcam in most notebooks is good enough to handle basic capture of letters and paper I receive. Evernote makes it easy to capture right to your […]

HP Promises a Fix for Mini 1000 Webcam Woes

If you’ve been following the story of the HP Mini 1000 Webcam woes today, you’ll know that the first there was one video from GearDiary, then there wasn’t as HP apparently asked that it be taken down. Then our cohorts at posted up another video which we once again posted here. HP has contacted […]

8 Tech Items to Regift


‘Tis the season to give gifts. Finding a few items to regift has come in handy a few times that I’ve been in a pinch. Regifting involves the redirecting of a gift that you’ve received, giving your gift to someone else. Regifted items are usually selected because they’re relatively inexpensive or a surplus has already […]

Blue Eyeball Webcam and Mic


We’re big fans of the Blue Snowflake microphone around here both for its audio quality and its small compact size, and so this caught my eye. Blue has come up with a microphone/webcam combination that they are calling the Eyeball. Apparently the webcam will capture HD and is retractable for privacy. Here’s a link to […]

Buying a Notebook? Must-Haves.

Eee PC Adapter (flickr cc: -N8-)

Notebook computers have changed a lot in just a few years.   There are a few improvements on most consumer models that you shouldn’t live without.   Here are a few things to look for in your next laptop: LED Screen An LED backlit screen uses, you guessed it, LEDs rather than something like CCFL […]