Google, Opera Dumping WebKit for New Blink Browser Standard


Google and Opera had announced that they will be moving their browsers away from the open source WebKit rendering standard to the new forked, Google-developed Blink standard in the future. The move would affect Google Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and the Opera browser. “This was not an easy decision,” Google writes in its blog. “We […]

Adobe Helps Developers Build Ads for iOS With Flash Conversion Tools


As the iOS platform currently doesn’t support Flash, developers who are using Flash tools to create ads are locked out of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPads. Given the popularity of those devices, Adobe is looking to still capitalize on that market by helping Flash developers convert their Flash content to the iOS platform via […]

BlackBerries to get WebKit-based browsers


News out of Boy Genius Report is that RIM has purchased software development company Torch Mobile, makers of the Iris mobile web browser… and little else. Between that and the official statement from Torch Mobile specifying… “Our team of developers will join RIM’s global organization and will now be focused on utilizing our WebKit-based mobile […]