New Google Tech Will Help Users Save on Mobile Data Plans

google io vp9 comparison

At Google I/O 2013 Google announced some new multimedia codecs that will potentially save users bandwidth and help them stay under their data allowance from their mobile carrier. The new formats for both video and images take up fewer bytes and stream faster, even on slower speeds. The new image compression technology comes with the […]

With Movie Rentals, Google Sending Mixed Signals on Web Strategy


Despite having been an early backer of HTML5 with Android and its Chrome OS and browser, Google’s use of Adobe Flash technology to deliver movie rentals may be seen by some as contradictory to supporting open web technologies like HTML5 and its own WebM standard. At the Google I/O developer conference when Google had announced […]

Google to Drop H.264 Support from Chrome


Google is taking big time heat from many corners over its announcement to drop support for H.264 in Chrome. Google claims the decision was made over copyright questions that could affect it’s desire to have everything be “open” when it comes to Chrome. The reason behind that is a lingering fear many have expressed about […]