HP Veer 4G to Be Free at Best Buy, Now Available for Pre-Order

HP Veer 4G

AT&T’s upcoming HP Veer 4G , which will be coming out on May 15th, will be available for free from Best Buy with pre-orders for the upcoming webOS smartphone starting today at physical Best Buy retail locations. If you were intrigued by the device but didn’t want to fork over the $100 to get it, […]

A World Phone HP Pre 3 Headed to Verizon?


An HP Pre 3 webOS smartphone was seen passing through the FCC with support for CDMA, EV-DO, GSM, and UMTS radios suggesting that the device is a world-phone CDMA model for Verizon Wireless. Though the world-phone CDMA module would be compatible with U.S. carrier Sprint as well, a recent leak on Pre Central shows the […]

HP Veer 4G Coming to AT&T on May 15th for $100

HP Veer 4G

AT&T has officially announced the release date and pricing of the HP Veer 4G, one of the new webOS powered handsets that HP announced alongside the HP Pre 3 and the HP TouchPad at a launch event back in February. Just recently, the HP Veer 4G had shown up in a photo displaying its AT&T […]

White HP Veer 4G for AT&T Gets Pictured

White HP Veer 4G

It’s no secret that the HP Veer 4G is coming to shelves here in the United States. However, it is, or should we say, it was a mystery as to whom it might be headed to. Well, Pocketnow has stumbled upon an image of a white variant of the HP Veer 4G and it’s going […]

HP TouchPad Appears at The FCC

HP TouchPad FCC Filing

HP’s webOS tablet, the HP TouchPad, has shown up in a filing at the FCC which means that the device should be on track for its launch which will come at some point this summer. The TouchPad’s filing unfortunately doesn’t reveal much at all as most of the information within it will remain confidential for […]

Consumers Want Android More than iPhone or Blackberry

Nielsen Survey iPhone v Blackberry v Android

According to Nielsen more consumers are planning to purchase or want an Android phone over an iPhone or Blackberry. During the first three months of 2011 the company most noted for their TV ratings surveys asked mobile users which mobile OS they would rather use. Thirty-one percent desire an Android device while 30 percent long […]

HP, AT&T Prepare Launch Party for HP Veer webOS Smartphone


Invitations have been sent for the diminutive HP Veer webOS smartphone for May 2 in Anaheim, California. Little information is known about the Veer launch party, but the three-hour event will also host hands-on training, demos, and giveaways along with appetizers. According to PreCentral, when the blog registered for the event, they were told to […]

webOS Emulator Video Offers Promise


2011 is shaking up to be yet another Year of the Tablet that isn’t really quite the Year of the Tablet as much as it is the Year of the Tablet promises for the future. But then for those who were paying attention that shouldn’t be a surprise. One of the big question marks might […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 7th


Big week in Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones at Notebooks.com and GottaBeMobile. We’ve been busy reviewing a collection of new notebooks and have been busy rounding up all the info you need to know about the flagship phones from Verizon and are busy making our way to all the carriers. Verizon Android Smart Phone Lineup: HTC Thunderbolt Details, […]

HP webOS Smartphone Sans Keyboard Caught in Photo


To date, HP’s and Palm’s efforts in the webOS smartphone space has yielded devices with keyboards, making this leaked image of a webOS smartphone sans keyboard a first for the form factor. The device reveals what appears to be a device of similar size to the Palm Pre 3 without the sliding keyboard. The display […]

WebOS ScreenShots Start Appearing


One thing is always certain. Before a major product launch we start seeing screen shots trickle out. I’m guessing this is just the beginning of that part of the game for HP’s WebOS. PreCentral has a series of shots that show off shots of Bing, Maps, the browser, the Device Menu and a few others. […]

HP Offering The Palm Pre 2 for Free

Palm Pre 2

In an attempt to bolster sales, HP has dropped the price of the Palm Pre 2 to free of charge at its HP Wireless Store. Last week, Verizon dropped the price of the Pre 2 down to free only to bring it back up to the usual price tag of $150. HP’s deal, like Verizon’s, […]

WebOS Will Run on Non-Tablet Computers in a Window on Windows


HP’s John Rubenstein recently appeared on the Engadget Show and clarified a bit about how webOS will run on all those non-tablet HP computers. Apparently it is going to run in a window on Microsoft Windows. I haven’t watched the video yet, but according to mobiputing, this won’t be a dual boot solution nor will […]

Acer, Toshiba 10-Inch Android Tablets Coming to U.S. for Under $500?


In addition to HTC bringing a 10-inch slate and the HP webOS TouchPad pricing leak, it looks like a slew of tablets will be getting released this summer for under $500 from Acer and Toshiba, according to a leaked document obtained by PreCentral. In April, Acer will release a 7-inch Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet with […]

HP TouchPad Priced Starting at $499?


Slashgear is linking to a post on PreCentral that says the HP TouchPad will start at $499 for a 16GB model and $599 for a 32GB model when they are released in June. At least we think it will be June. That certainly puts it in line with the iPad 2. The info comes from […]

HP is not Selling Notebook and PC Business to Samsung


On Thursday, a rumor popped up claiming that HP was preparing to sell the company’s notebook and PC division, with the likely buyer being Samsung, a company that has been trying to break into the U.S. notebook market in a bigger way. The initial report came from the Taiwan Commercial Times, but has since been […]

Noon Notebook News: WebOS on HP Notebooks, Chrome Extensions & More

cloud save chrome extension

If you’re looking to keep up on Notebook news, then here’s your mid-day recap of notebook, netbook and software news from Notebooks.com. We have a collection of new netbooks arriving on the market soon with the latest Intel and AMD Fusion processors. First off we are expecting at least five new Intel Atom N570 dual […]

HP To Put WebOS On Every HP PC Next Year


HP”s new CEO Leo Apotheker is making some big and bold statements as he works to take control of HP’s future. Saying that HP has “lost its soul,” Apotheker says that come 2012 HP will include WebOS on every HP PC. He’s not looking at it as a replacement for Windows, but rather something that […]