iPhone 5 Unboxing Video

iphone 5 unboxing1

I bought the white 32 GB Apple iPhone 5 and unboxed it on camera. In the video below I show off the iPhone 5 packaging, the new Lightning sync cable compared to the 30-pin dock connector and the new Apple EarPods. My first impressions are positive. Apple, as always, makes opening a new tech toy a real pleasure. Gadget lovers […]

iOS and iPhone Timeline: From iPhone to iOS 5 in 5 Years

iPhone 3G goes on Sale

Since the introduction in 2007, the iPhone has shaken up the mobile industry with the iPhone, the largest app store, a tightly controlled but beautiful iOS operating system and yearly upgrades to the iPhone. As we approach WWDC 2011 where Apple will announce iOS 5 and may announce an iPhone 5 or may not announce […]

White iPhone 4 Finally Officially Arrives Tomorrow

White iPhone 4 Coming April 28

After a long and embarrassing delay, Apple is now officially launching the white iPhone 4 on April 28. The press release from Apple says they will be available at their Apple stores, online and at AT&T, Verizon and some “select Apple Authorized Resellers.” Which resellers was not included. There have been reports that Best Buy […]

Best Buy to Sell White iPhone 4 for AT&T, Verizon Wednesday


Come this Wednesday, the lustful wishing for the white iPhone 4, which has been the white elephant in the room, will come to an end as Best Buy will be selling the paler model for both Verizon and AT&T. A leaked inventory system screen shot was obtained by popular gadget blog BGR and shows that […]

White iPhone 4 Spotted Running on T-Mobile Network

Apple iPhone 4 on T-Mobile

Below is a picture of a white iPhone 4 and it is running on T-Mobile. Boy Genius got pictures of a prototype. We now know that a white iPhone is finally coming. Boy Genius says that this iPhone 4 is powered by a “test version of Apple’s iOS” with some special apps that are not […]

Apple’s Phil Schiller Tweets White iPhone Available This Spring


For those who had the patience to wait for the white edition of Apple’s flagship iPhone 4, the phone will be coming in Spring according to Apple’s most recent prior PR announcement and a recent tweet by Apple executive Phil Schiller on Twitter. Schiller writes that the “white iPhone will be available this spring,” and […]

White iPhone 4 to Ship by April?

White iPhone 4

Apple’s white iPhone 4, which has been delayed ever since the GSM-model launched in late June 2010, will go into production this month and will be available to consumers in April, some ten months after the black model was originally available. Although Apple had introduced the white version of the iPhone with previous models, the […]

Best Buy Making Room for White iPhone 4


It looks like big box retailer is setting aside shelf space to accommodate the arrival of the white iPhone 4, which has been delayed numerous times since the device was announced. It’s unclear why the white iPhone has been delayed, but Best Buy‘s shelf label hints that the device can be expected soon. From the […]

White iPhone Spotted in Best Buy Computer System for 2/27 Release


Apple’s elusive white iPhone was recently spotted on German carrier Vodafone’s inventory systems and now the paler shade of Cupertino, California’s flagship smartphone has made an appearance on Best Buy’s computer inventory system. The leaked screenshots of Best Buy’s inventory system shows the SKUs for the 16 GB and 32 GB white models according to […]

Elusive White iPhone Appears on Vodafone Germany’s Inventory System


The elusive white iPhone 4, which has been delayed by Apple multiple times, is finally making an appearance on German carrier Vodafone’s inventory system in both 16 GB and 32 GB variations. Most recently, Apple had said that it would be delaying the white iPhone until Spring. It’s unclear though when the phones would ship, […]