Move Over Glass, Google Buys WIMM For Nexus Watch Ambitions

WIMM Labs was bought by Google, perhaps to help produce a Nexus smartwatch.

As Google tries to make Glass more appealing to technophiles and fashionistas at the same time, the company is also not putting all its eggs in one basket and is diversifying its wearables portfolio with a potential smartwatch development. There is news that Google had acquired WIMM Labs, the maker of the WIMM smartwatch development […]

WIMM One Smart Watch Now Has an App Store on Your Android Phone

Wimm One Micro App Store

The WIMM One smart watch is one of my favorite connected watches, and with the launch of the WIMM Micro App Store, it’s even better than ever. The new WIMM Micro App Store allows users to install watch faces and apps on the WIMM One without any wires. The new apps and watch faces will […]

5 Ways I’m Using my WIMM One Smart Watch Today

Smart Watch WIMM One Text notification

The days of watches that only tell you time and date are long gone. At CES we saw an explosion of smart watches from many vendors, but the most exciting smart watch I saw was the one I had on my wrist. For the past month I’ve been wearing a smart watch, or as WIMM […]