Windows 10 vs Windows 7: What You Need to Know

windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft showed everyone what they could expect from Windows 10. Forget all the new features and changes for a second though because its price was the biggest thing to come out of the keynote. For the first year, absolutely any Windows 7 user who has the latest updates installed will get the […]

Mainstream Windows 7 Support Ends Tomorrow and That’s Ok


Microsoft is ending mainstream Windows 7 support tomorrow, January 13th. Owners of notebooks and desktops running it shouldn’t be worried since they’ll still get security fixes though. Microsoft announced back in April 2014 that it’d be wrapping up mainstream support for Windows 7, the operating system that came installed on notebooks and desktops before it […]

How to Downgrade to Windows 7


Even as we sit on the cusp of another major Windows operating system – this time Windows 10 – there is still a dedicated user base who thinks that Windows 7 is what ought to run on their machines.  Whether these people are right isn’t for us to decide. Each person has their own use case, […]

Vizio Announces New Thin + Light Ultrabooks and Notebooks

VIZIO Computing Family

Today Vizio finally announced its new lineup os Ultrabooks, laptops, and All-In-One PCs, trying to break into another mature market. Vizio’s new devices all feature the company’s “undercut” design which looks like a riff on the “inevitable” design of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Like Apple’s new notebooks, Vizio uses the latest Intel Ivy […]

OnLive Could Be In Trouble With Microsoft Over OnLive Desktop

OnLive Desktop

It looks like OnLive, the company that specializes in cloud gaming and desktops, could be in trouble with Microsoft. Microsoft believes that OnLive Desktop violates licensing terms for both Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. OnLive Desktop is an iPad and Android app that lets users use a Windows 7 desktop along with Office and Adobe […]

OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 7 to Android Tablets

OnLive Desktop

After having been available for Apple’s iOS-enabled iPad, OnLive is bringing its OnLive Desktop app to Android tablet users. The software is essentially a client to access a hosted remote desktop on OnLive’s server, where users would get their own partition with Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS and access to Microsoft’s Office suite–including Word, Excel, and […]

Alltel Limited Launches KPad Tablets For Ghanian Market


Ghanian entrepreneur and prince Kofi Kludjeson recently introduced some new tablets to the country that “will serve as Ghana’s answer to the iPad” according to CP-Africa. The KPads range in size from 7 inches up to 10.1 and run Android and Windows. Kludjeson’s company, Alltel Limited (not to be confused with Alltel…), will sell them […]

OnLive Desktop to Bring Windows 7 to the iPad

OnLive Desktop running Windows 7 on iPad

OnLive makes an awesome cloud-based gaming platform and pushed their gaming tool to mobile devices recently when they released a version that runs on Android and iPad, although the iPad version never made it to the App Store for some reason. At CES 2012, OnLive grabbed attention announcing OnLive Desktop, a new app that will bring […]

HP Dumping webOS for Windows Tablet, Launching Slate 2


After lukewarm success with the Slate 500 to the enterprise market, it was believed that HP would be putting all of its efforts into webOS to make the TouchPad a success. However, given that the well received webOS software has not gained traction in the marketplace, it appears that HP is reversing course and is […]

Dell Latitude ST Could Arrive First of November


Just received a tip from Giacomo at il Tablet PC Italico that Dell will launch a new Windows 7 slate next month, dubbed the Latitude ST. He’s not at liberty to share specs, but previous leaks have us covered on that. Maybe.

CTIA Fall 2011: Kupa X11 Tablet with Atom, Digitizer, Windows 7/8


Kupa’s X11 tablet with Windows 7–and Windows 8 preview–was a surprise entry in San Diego at the CTIA trade show as it was surrounded by a number of Android tablets. That said, Kupa’s X11 runs on an Intel Atom processor and utilizes a fan design to aid with cooling. The device has a metal back […]

How To Get iCloud’s Photo Stream Working On A Windows PC

iCloud Control Panel Download Page

Now that you’ve downloaded iOS 5 to your iPad (well, hopefully…) you can sign up for an iCloud account and start syncing and backing up your data across devices. This includes Photo Stream, which automatically saves all the pictures you take on your iPad or iPhone to the cloud and to synced devices. Though iCloud […]

Is This Dell’s Windows 7 Peju Tablet?


It looks like Dell’s codenamed Peju Windows 7 slate tablet has been leaked. Images of the Windows 7 slate have begun to surface online over at Engadget, which depicts a 10-inch tablet with a curved back form factor, not unlike the Android-powered Motorola Xoom tablet. Like the Xoom, it appears that the device is intended […]

Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Brings Windows 7 and Wacom to the Table

Samsung Series 7 Slate

It might come as a surprise, but Samsung hasn’t given up on Windows 7 tablets. In fact, the company has just showed off the Samsung Series 7 Slate with Windows 7, Wacom digitizer and a dual core processor. While you may be focused on Windows 8, and how it could mark the rebirth of Windows tablets, […]

GBM Shortcut: HP Elitebook 2760p Bluetooth Audio Streaming from iPhone


Every time I think I’m done with the HP Elitebook 2760p, something new pops up. It’s like a Swiss Army knife or the Martian Manhunter packed with abilities. This time, it’s Bluetooth pairing with an iPhone or iPad for audio streaming and control. This post is one in a multi-post review of the HP Elitebook […]

HP Elitebook 2760p Review: As a Tablet


As a convertible notebook, the HP Elitebook 2760p faces the challenge of balancing its laptop and tablet functionality. At first glance, it appears to be a notebook first, tablet second. But upon closer inspection, I’ve found much attention was paid to the tablet experience. This post is one in a multi-post review of the HP […]