itablet Windows 7 Tablet Announced at CES

itablet w101 240dpi 2

AHX Global and X2 Computing have unveiled their Windows 7 Home Premium itablet slate with a 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen. Makers of the itablet are still looking to establish retail partnerships to deliver itablet to the North and South American markets. itablet utilizes a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1024 X 600 pixels. The device […]

New Gadget OOBE at Christmas Can Be a Frustrating Experience

Windows 7 set up wizard

One of the problems with being a geek is that your entire family depends on you for any sort of gadget knowledge, troubleshooting, and advice.  Already during this holiday season I’ve set up or answered questions about setup on two Windows devices, one Mac, one iPad. I have at least one more Windows device to […]

Viliv to Debut 2 Android, 1 Windows Tablets at CES

VilivCES 2011-2

Viliv will announce several new tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, The company is ready to announce two Android tablets–the X7 and X10–and a Windows 7 slate–the X70. According to the company, its Viliv X70 Windows 7 tablet will be the lightest Windows slate in the world. “Most slim and light Windows […]

Grading My 2010 Predictions


Well, 2010 is almost gone and it is time once again to gear up for some predictions for the next year. But before I do that, here’s a look back on my predictions for 2010 and how I scored with those. In my view, the biggest story of 2010 was Apple and its iPad. It […]

Should You Buy A Tablet Now or Cancel That One on Santa’s List?


Crazy. That’s what the Tablet/Slate picture is now. Crazy. I got hit with a question from an old chum on Facebook this morning. Here’s the question. OK, I was going to get an iPad for my kid for Christmas. Now I see the Samsung Galaxy Tab is selling like hotcakes. You keep saying that the […]

Toshiba Plans 2011 Tablets for Windows, Android, and Chrome


In the category of we’d rather not put all of eggs in one Tablet/Slate basket, comes word that Toshiba is planning to unveil three different Tablet/Slate flavors, one each for Windows, Android, and Chrome. Look for these to hit at CES 2011. According to DigiTimes these aren’t of the small variety, instead two will be […]

OCOSMOS to Resurrect UMPC Category on AT&T with OCS1


The OCOSMOS OCS1 is a UMPC, otherwise known as an ultra-mobile PC, which was a category of mobile computing devices that Microsoft had hoped would gain traction before the iPad consumer tablet craze. The OCS1 has a 5-inch touchscreen and a small form factor that runs the full version of Windows 7, making it a […]

This ‘iPad’ Runs Windows 7


Technically, it’s not an iPad, but it does run the full version of Windows 7, Microsoft’s desktop-centric OS, and the OS runs natively rather than through some remote desktop software, like LogMeIn Ignition. The Chinese iPad clone is the best Apple knock-off that we’ve seen, and it has all the ports, styling, and design inspirations […]

LG E-Note H1000B Tablet Gives Koreans Alternative to HP Slate 500


LG’s release of the E-Note H1000B Windows 7 tablet may be a little belated, but the timing of the 10.1-inch slate’s launch comes at a time when there is renewed interest in Windows tablets. While the success of previous generation Windows tablets relied heavily on the convertible form factor–offering an easy way to convert between […]

Dell Inspiron Duo Flipping Tablet Coming Nov 23?


Remember the Dell Inspiron Duo? You know that hybrid Tablet/Slate that flips around in it its frame to make a keyboard available? Well, word is we might be seeing it available for sale next week on November 23. According to CNET we’ll be seeing pre-sale info later this week with the device ready to ship […]

HP Slate 500 is Delayed, Cause Unknown


My friend over at the Genghis Kent blog has informed me that he had ordered the HP Slate 500, a full Windows 7 tablet with an 8.9-inch display and an active digitizer pen. The blog notes that despite the order being placed on the first day that the Slate has been available for sale, HP […]

Dell Aims to Tap Tablet and Netbook Market with Inspiron Duo


If you were concerned about Warner’s split personality with his ‘Should I get a tablet or not‘ post this morning, Dell really feels your pain. The device, which was shown off earlier at IDF this year, has now gotten its own teaser video courtesy of Dell, which shows the duo-personality netbook/tablet hybrid. With ChangeWave’s recently […]

GBM InkShow: New iPad Apps Beg for an Inking Comparison


With the release of the Tega v2 and the HP Slate 500 many a Tableteer has been hoping, and some have been praying that the slate form factors will handle Digital Inking well on capacitive screens. Thanks to Windows 7, (yes Windows 7) the experience on the Tega v2 isn’t as bad as I thought […]

HP Slate 500 Video Camera Demo

Screen shot 2010-10-22 at 1.36.42 AM

The HP Slate 500 can be used to grab quick video clips or in conjunction with your favorite video chat service. Here’s a quick demo of the camera and a look at how my hometown of San Francisco looks from up high in a tower. You can read more about my thoughts on the camera […]

jkOnTheRun shares a pair of Windows 7 touch interfaces


Our good friend James Kendrick has a run down of two touch interface overlays for Windows 7 tablets, Thinix Touch and Mirabyte FrontFace, both shown off on his TEGA v2. Slick looking interface environments. Very informative video from James. But ultimately, overlays like these only cover up the problems beneath.

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes on the Tega v2 Slate

GBM InkShow Thomasin Checks out the Tega v2 Slate

Well, you asked for it. Now you’ve got it. I know why they call Thomasin my better half. A number of GBM Readers asked to see and hear my wife’s take on the Tega v2 Slate and here it is in all its unvarnished glory. For those who don’t known, when we do one of […]