When did Microsoft “make things happen” with Netbooks?


As Warner noted earlier, we’ve gotten more words from Steve Ballmer on tablets running Windows 7, and I agree, they are all just words at this point. The tragic part is, even if you take him at face value, Ballmer didn’t actually promise anything worthwhile.

HP Slate 500 Heading to Enterprise


Word is bouncing around the Internet this afternoon that the still mysterious, still largely unconfirmed but getting closer to being confirmed HP Slate 500 is not going to be a consumer device but instead (wait for it…) heading to the Enterprise channel. Todd Bradley, HP’s Personal Systems Group Vice President, apparently spilled the beans at […]

Why wait for a Windows 7 slate when you can get one now?


It’s great that Steve Ballmer is getting people fired up about Windows 7 slates and that Microsoft is promoting the concept at their Worldwide Partner Conference. A lot of people seem very excited at the prospect of a slate running Windows 7. Here’s an idea: if you’re excited about Windows 7 slates, why not buy […]

Thinix Touch 6: Touch UI For Windows Available for $49


Last week we shared a demo video of Thinix Touch 6 that looked pretty impressive. The application sits on top of WIndows, making it easier to get by without a keyboard, mouse or pen. Thinix Touch is generally white labeled and bundled with some touchscreen PCs, such as HP’s TouchSmart all-in-ones. Thinix is now available […]

Don’t blame the cursor! Windows is just fine for touch…


I’ve now spent about two weeks full time with the multi-touch Fujitsu T900. I have been interested to see how capacitive touch works with Windows on a daily basis since there has been a lot of suggestion in the IT media (including this website) that Windows is not designed for touch due to its orientation […]

Microsoft white paper on Windows 7 slate design


Microsoft’s Windows 7 team has provided a white paper for OEMs to guide them in designing slate PCs for Windows 7, posted in HTML form at WindowsForDevices.com. In addition to hardware specifications and recommendations, it includes a rundown of the touch features in Windows 7, both in the OS and pre-installed applications.

JooJoo tablet hacked with Windows 7 Embedded


We knew Microsoft had plans to run Windows 7 Embedded on tablets. Well, a die-hard member of the JooJoo forum has it running on his JooJoo tablet with a mere 4GB SSD and 1GB of memory, and it’s running pretty smoothly. Still working on driver support, notably accelerometer and 3G, but forum member darkdavy shows […]

Microsoft has no tablets… not counting Tablet PCs and UMPCs


The double hit of news that both Courier and the HP Slate are not on the schedule has led to rampant speculation about where this leaves Microsoft now that they have NO tablet prospects. None, zero, zilch, not a tablet to their name according to the reports. Excuse me while I scream.

HP Killing the Slate? TechCrunch Thinks So


Here we go again. This time it is TechCrunch reporting that HP is killing off the infamous HP Slate. This report from former Tablet maker wanna-be Michael Arrington himself says it comes from “a source that has been briefed on the matter.” So there’s no confirmation like today’s earlier news on the canceling of the […]

Turn down your screen brightness before sleeping


Sitting in bed with my Tablet PC, I came across an article from the LA Times (via Gizmodo) that explained why back-lit screens can mess with your sleep more than displays like e-ink that rely on ambient light.  The examples cited are the iPad and Kindle, respectively, but it applies to all devices with displays, […]

The inconvenient truth about Windows 7 touch support


One Kevin C. Tofel of jkOnTheRun reports that the price to upgrade from Windows 7 Starter Edition on new netbooks has dropped. He also takes the opportunity to reiterate a criticism which is not entirely accurate but reveals an inconvenient truth.

Flashy HP Slate videos show off Flash


Well, well, seems Apple wasn’t the only company showing off their flashy slate this weekend. HP managed to sneak a couple of videos into their YouTube channel as well. The first is a demo of Adobe Flash and AIR on the slate running Windows 7. The second, uh, reminds me of something else I’ve seen […]

Changing My Mobile Strategy and a New Computer

Over the weekend I posted that I purchased a new computer and was going to being shifting my mobile strategy. I offered folks a chance to guess what the new computer was, and lo and behold, Rob Bushway, guessed correctly. I picked up a 13 inch MacBook Pro at a good price from Amazon.com. on […]

Microsoft Decides to Unveil Family Guy Windows 7 Clips

As a part of the roll out of Windows 7, Microsoft had prepared some ads/clips/video featuring The Family Guy. There was going to be a special episode of the show that would tout Windows 7. That approach got abandoned, but now Microsoft has put some of the clips up on its YouTube channel. Is it […]

The Ballad of Windows 7

This is not only cute, but I like the “Don’t stay with XP” refrain. Young Will Smith, a fifth grader, is a Windows lover and wrote this song to the tune of Bad Moon Rising for his school talent show.  Todd Bishop has the coverage.  Here’s hoping the RIAA doesn’t come after him, or if […]

Like Your Netbook’s Battery Life? Stick With Windows XP


According to some recent Laptop Magazine tests, some netbooks’ batteries aren’t running as long under Windows 7. Laptop Magazine’s editors ran testedthe Toshiba Mini NB205, ASUS Eee PC 1008A and HP Mini 311 with both XP and Windows 7. The result? The netbooks with Windows 7 ran for an average of 47 minutes less than […]

Intel WiFi Drivers Give You a Virtual Router


If you’ve got the right hardware new Intel WiFi drivers (version allow you to set up your computer as a virtual router. If this sounds similar to the story about Connectify we posted about a short time ago, it is. The difference here is you don’t need Connectify or anything else to turn your […]

Dell Talks About Releasing Drivers for Latitude XT Tablet PCs

Deep from within the undisclosed location where Rob and his Dell Latitude XT are being held hostage (we’re now in Day 13) a message has surfaced from Dell. Essentially Windows 7 drivers for the Latitude XT are in development. Here’s what Dell has to say: We need to clarify some of the confusion around Windows […]

Dell Latitude XT Drivers Held Hostage: Day 9

This little “Held hostage” feature is generating a lot of comments here on GBM with some saying we’re overdoing it, and some very angry with Dell for the lack of movement. Here’s the deal. This doesn’t just involve the Windows 7 drivers for the Dell Latitude XT it involves other Dell hardware as well. All […]