Is it too much to ask for driver bundles?


Compared to poor incarcerated Rob, I really don’t have much to gripe about when it comes to Windows 7 drivers for my Tablet PC, except I’m upgrading from XP to 7. That means a fresh install, which means fresh installation of drivers. Furthermore, Tablet PCs demand a few more drivers than plain vanilla laptops do, […]

Dell Latitude XT Drivers Held Hostage: Day 8

Yes, we’re 8 days into the Dell Latitude XT Drivers Held Hostage and while we have some communication going on with Dell, we still know things are on some burner that can best be described as no where near the front of the oven. Rob has posted this on the Dell’s IdeaStorm site, and from […]

Dell Latitude XT Drivers Held Hostage: Day 7

Screen shot 2009-10-28 at 11.26.55 AM

Well, the saga continues and at least today we have some new information. Although I’m not sure this is going to make any Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC users happy. From his undisclosed prison cell Rob Bushway forwarded me this series of tweets from RichardatDell. From the looks of things, Latitude XT owners are now […]

Chad Essley’s Tip for Better Inking on a Tablet PC


Chad Essley is one of the best Tablet PC advocates out there and great cartoonist. He recently sent me a tip he discovered to do away with what he calls “ugly, jagged, ink” on Tablet PCs. Smooth Inking is important to artists who use Tablet PCs. Here’s what Chad had to say: I made a […]

Windows 7 everywhere, But Barely a Screen to Touch

We have been hearing a lot about all the new touch-enabled PCs coming to market in tandem with Windows 7, but you’ll have to look far and wide if you want to try one out for yourself. I spent most of the weekend touring computer retailers in New York and Washington DC and touch was […]

Dell Latitude XT Touch Drivers Held Hostage: Day 6

Yes, another day goes by, and Rob and other Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC users are still without Windows 7 drivers. We’re not just talking touch drivers here, we’re talking any Windows 7 drivers. We’re also hearing that we may have to start a watch for the HP TX Convertible Tablet PCs as well.

Fujitsu Releases Windows 7 Drivers for Some Not All


Fujitsu has released Windows 7 drivers for some, but not all of its machines. Notably absent at the moment are the P1610 and P1620 Tablet PCs. Here’s hoping they will be released soon. We don’t want to start a Windows 7 Driver Held Hostage count on Fujitsu if we can help it. Via Mobility Site

That Price Point Decision: One User’s Solution

I have  a good friend who just had his Macbook die an untimely death. It is an older Macbook and I don’t know the model or year. Today he took it in for a visit to the Apple Store hoping for the best. Now, he’s not a heavy computer user. Email, Facebook, and some web […]

How About Some AI To Go With That Tablet?


eviGroup is getting ready to unleash some information on their 10 inch Windows 7 based Tablet, that I believe is called simply The Pad. Yes, it has 3G connectivity, WiFi, the usual Atom chipset, touch,  and all the rest, but it also has an option to include an Artificial Intelligence controlled personal assistant. Seline 10 […]

Aerofoil: Help with Battery Life


This looks like a nifty utility for road warriors on the go. Aerofoil is an open source utility that sits in your task tray that will turn off Aero glass and other preferences when you unplug and head off into battery land. It works with both Windows 7 and Vista. Via LifeHacker

Dell Latitude XT Touch Drivers Held Hostage: Day 4


Rob Bushway keeps plugging away at Dell and the lack of drivers for the Dell Latitude XT now that Windows 7 is released. He’s been twittering about it each day since the big release day on Thursday. So, I’d thought I’d help our founder out here, and we’ll run a “Held Hostage” post each day […]

Kindle for PC Demo on a Tablet

Microsoft’s posted a demo video of Kindle for PC running on an HP Pavilion tx2 convertible. As expected, you can use touch to turn pages, zoom and sort through your books. I’ll definitely be downloading this application when it’s released next month. Kindle for PC Demo on Windows 7

Looking for Multi-Touch Hardware? Check This List Out

OK, you’re excited by multi-touch and you want  a device that is going to take advantage of all that Windows 7 multi-touch goodness. Where do you go? Who has the devices? Larry Larsen of Channel 10 has compiled a list of multi-touch devices, who makes them, the form factor, and what type of multi-touch technology […]

Apple Greets Windows 7 with New Ad

You knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would happen this quick. Apple has unveiled a new ad, welcoming Windows 7 into the fray in its usual style. Don’t you just want PC Guy to say, so tell me about that Snow Leopard bug that erases all of a user’s data when they […]

What Windows 7 Promos Are Catching Your Eye?


Microsoft sure is getting creative with its Windows 7 promos over in Japan. If you happen to be there, stop by Burger King and let us know if you can finish a Windows 7 Whopper. It comes complete with seven layers of beef. Nothing says ‘advanced operating system’ like chowing down on a couple pounds […]

Microsoft Shows Off Kindle Reader App for Windows 7


No real details on this at the moment as I’m busy with a project at my real job, but I saw this fly by on Twitter from Stephen Hughes. At the Windows Launch Event in NYC, Microsoft is showing off a Kindle Reader app designed for Windows 7 and touch. Here’s the picture and more […]

Microsoft Store Now Selling PCs and 3rd Party Software


Timed with the roll out of Windows 7, Microsoft is changing up its own retail strategy by now selling PCs and 3rd party software in its own on-line store. This comes has Microsoft is starting to make a play by opening up brick and mortar retail outlets as well.

Windows 7 Launches Today


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Microsoft Launches Windows 7 worldwide today. There will be much hype and much hoopla and I imagine quite a few copies of Windows 7 will be sold, as well as Windows 7 PCs. Over the next week or so we’ll be highlighting our favorite Windows […]

Here Come the Updates for Windows 7


I noticed Kevin Tofel posted that Toshiba released updates for its Netbooks. Figuring that maybe some other manufacturers were following along, I check HP’s site and it appears (at least for the HP 2730P Elitebook Tablet PC and HP Mini 1100) that Windows 7 drivers and updates are now available. You might want to check […]