One upgrade success, one failure


Been meaning to give Windows 7 a try on my Tablet PC, but aside from dragging my feet over the hassle of grabbing drivers, I was running short on drive space too. Seemed like a couple of good excuses to upgrade my hard drive.

Will Microsoft Sell a Family Pack for Windows 7?

Ed Bott has been doing some digging in the deep dark caverns of license agreements based on a tip from a reader. And he’s discovered language that, if it remains in the final versions of Windows 7, seems to offer a hint that Microsoft might be finally wising up and offering a Family Pack license […]

GBM Shortcut: Windows 7 Touch and Browser Scrolling Demo


Browsing with your finger in Windows 7 is going to be a different experience across each browser and Windows 7 system. As demonstrated in this GBM Shortcut video, the experience will be based upon the type of touch digitizer your system has, whether the system is Windows 7 Touch logo certified, and what type of […]

Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Videos


The run up to the Windows 7 launch is well underway and I’m sure there will be no end of info beginning to pour out. Microsoft has already set up several “Tour-like” videos of Windows 7 that you can take a look at on a web site called (what else) Tour Windows 7.   Like […]

Windows 7 may be sold on USB flash drives


CNET is reporting that Microsoft is considering giving the thumbs up to selling Windows 7 on thumb drives, allowing PCs without DVD drives to upgrade in a flash from a flash. The move is being driven by a desire to cater to netbooks, which typically don’t have optical drives. The downside is that most netbooks […]

Motion Computing J3400 Tablet PC with Windows 7 Build 7201 = Awesome!


Guess what I’ve got in my hot little hands and am inking all over? A Motion Computing J3400 Tablet PC with: Windows 7 Build 7201 (that’s right – more recent than the RC), complete with Windows 7 ready Motion Dashboard, Motion QuickNav, camera, buttons, and rotation all working. This is as close to an OEM […]

HP Offering Free Upgrades to Windows 7

Warner posted this morning about Microsoft’s new pricing for Windows 7.   HP is “johnny on the spot” regarding Windows 7 and pricing, announcing that anyone who purchases a new PC between now and October 22 will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7. Press release below: HP today announced it will offer […]

Windows 7 Pricing and Availability Confirmed

Brandon LeBlanc is confirming the availability and pricing for Windows 7 on the Windows Blog. Here’s what we’ll see: On October 22 Windows 7 will be released in the following languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Chinese (Hong Kong).

Windows XP: The OS That Won’t Die Gets Yet Another Life Extension


Responding to Enterprise and business customer concerns, Microsoft is now going to be extending the life of Windows XP into 2011. The previous life extension took it into 2010 (6 months after the expected release of Windows 7), but it now looks like there will be an 18 month window for Windows 7 Professional and […]

ARCHOS rolls out a Windows 7 tablet


Want a Tablet PC running Windows 7? ARCHOS has you covered. They unveiled a series of portable PCs in Paris today. Topping the list is the ARCHOS 9PCTablet, a resistive touchscreen tablet with Intel Atom processor. Yeah, I don’t know if I like this trend of resistive touchscreens on tablets, but if it brings the […]

Windows 7 Starter Edition – Movin’ on up!

Yesterday, the Windows Team blog announced some changes they’re making to the upcoming Windows 7 Starter Edition. They’re removing some limitations (no more 3 application limit, not just for emerging markets) but retaining a whole lot of others (no Aero, no changing the wallpaper, no multimon support, etc). Now I don’t know about you, but […]

Will multi-touch push pen input or just push it out?

Rob smash paper boats!

By now, you’ve seen the news of the bundle of multi-touch applications for Windows 7 called Touch Pack and watched Rob’s concise and enlightening InkShow demo. If not, what are you waiting for? Five minutes  for a glimpse of the future. I think it’s worth it just to watch Rob try to nudge delicate paper […]

GBM InkShow: Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7


In this video InkShow, I take a quick look at the multi-touch applications that will be a part of the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7: Surface Collage, Rebound, Blackboard, Garden Pond, Surface Globe, and the Surface Lagoon screen saver.   Microsoft Surface technology can be felt all over this pack, from the screensaver to […]

Microsoft readying Touch Pack for Windows 7

Ed Bott writes about his experiences with Windows 7 multitouch and a heretofore unannounced Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. The Windows 7 team blog writes about the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 here. I’ll say this for the ol’ Windows team. They’re definitely trying. I said in GBM podcast #68 that Microsoft ought […]

Microsoft to Remove 3 App Limit on Windows 7 Starter Edition?

Paul Thurrott is reporting that Microsoft will not place a 3 App limit previously planned for Windows 7 Starter Edition. That would be good news, but do recall that Ed Bott and others have reported that the 3 App limit was not nearly as restrictive as it sounds. Intriguingly and apparently another limit being placed […]

WiFi Goes Virtual in Windows 7

Most everyone is familiar with virtualization when it comes to operating systems. However, what about the idea of virtualizing the WiFi adpater card, thus turning one piece of hardware into virtually an unlimited number of WiFi radios? According to Long Zheng, the idea of Virtual WiFi was first explored by Microsoft Research and is now […]

GBM Podcast #73: Talking Tons of Tech

When Xavier and I sat down to record this podcast we were a bit surprised at how much new hardware there was to talk about this week, but we’re enterprising lads and we came up with a roster of topics that I’m sure will get your gadget lust going. From the Pogoplug to SugarSync to […]

Microsoft Says Windows 7 On Track for the Holidays

Oh, my. Looks like we have some new info on when Windows 7 will officially roll out coming from TechEd.   According to Bill Veghte: With early RC testing and extensive partner feedback we’ve received, Windows 7 is tracking well for holiday availability. I’m sure this will make a lot of folks happy and a […]

Upgrade Advisor for Windows 7 Released


If you’re thinking of getting in on the Windows 7 RC action but worried about how our machine might handle it or concerned about driver support this might be for you. Microsoft has released the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (Beta) that will scan your device and let you know where issues might be. You can […]