Microsoft Extends Bing Speech Capabilities to Windows 8 Apps


Developers creating applications for Windows can now add a bit of code that allows their app to interpret voice commands using the back-end features of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft formally announced the new controls earlier this week. While the company didn’t provide any direct examples of the controls, developers using Bing’s new controls could […]

Windows RT 8.1 Upgrade Returns to the Windows Store

Windows 8.1

Days after pulling the Windows 8.1 update for all devices running Windows RT, Microsoft has once again posted the Windows RT 8.1 upgrade to the Windows Store. Microsoft originally pulled the upgrade after it noticed a small subset of devices running Windows RT failed to boot after the update. While early reports indicated that all devices […]

11 Essential Apps in the Windows Store


Windows 8.1, the free update for users running Windows 8, is now in the Windows Store. With the update, users can customize their Start Screen’s background, resize Live Tiles and share settings between different machines that also use their Microsoft Account. Windows 8.1 also includes a number of design changes for users who like to […]

How to Tweet or Post a Facebook Status Update in Windows 8.1

How to Tweet or Post a Facebook Status Update in Windows 8 (1)

While Windows 8.1’s multitasking improvements and upgraded customization options will grab the attention of users upgrading from Windows 8, each one of the applications included in Windows 8.1 have also received big updates. The People app allowed users to keep in touch with friends and family before, however the application includes a revamped interface in […]

Microsoft Debuts New Remote Desktop Apps for iOS & Android

Remote Desktop for Android allows users to connect to their work or home PCs running Windows.

Microsoft has released two new versions of its popular remote desktop application including one for the iPhone and iPad and another for devices running Google’s Android operating system. Like other remote desktop applications, Microsoft’s free Remote Desktop for Android and iOS apps allow users to connect to a laptop, desktop or tablet running its Windows […]

Windows 8.1 Review

Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s re-imagining of what Windows could be with Windows 8 was a bit of a sore spot for users. For all purposes Windows 8 was Microsoft’s first attempt at bringing fresh ideas to Windows in decades. It was ambitious. It was new. It was experimental. It was a mobile operating system sitting on top of […]

Windows 8.1: The How-Tos You Need to Read

Windows 8.1

With Windows 8.1 now going out as an official update through Windows Store, many users are wondering are wondering how the new operating system fundamentally changes the way they interact with Windows 8. The truth is, Windows 8.1 isn’t a re-imagining of Windows 8 at all. Instead, it’s an updated take on the Charms, Start Screen […]

Windows 8.1 Release is Here: Free Update in Windows Store

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1, the free update that enhances much of the core functionality in Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, is now available to download from the Windows Store. This update comes just a year after Microsoft shipped Windows 8, and marks a shift in the way the company creates and distributes updates to users. Previous updates […]

How to Add a Slide show to the Lock Screen in Windows 8.1

How to Add a Slideshow to the Lock Screen in Windows 8.1  (8)

When Windows 8 debuted last year, the operating system didn’t only receive criticism for the Start Screen’s stagnant design. Longtime users blasted other areas of the operating system as being to stale in terms of allowing users to feel like their device was their own. Thankfully, one of the ways Microsoft addressed the issue is by allowing […]

How to Open More than One Internet Explorer Window in Windows 8.1

How to Open More than One Internet Explorer Window in Windows 8 (9)

More than anything else Windows 8.1, the upcoming free update for Windows 8 users, is about fixing the issues that surfaced after Windows 8’s launch last fall. Just like taking away the Start button, Microsoft’s metro-style applications limited the ways users could multitask with multiple applications. For example, Windows 8 only allowed users to open […]

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8.1

How to Stop Notifications in Windows 8 (7)

It seems like Microsoft learned a lot about what worked with Windows Phone and improved on it before in Windows 8. The operating system features customization options abound, and persistent options for sharing photos and connecting with devices are something that even Windows Phone 8 users are pining for. Sadly, one of the things Microsoft […]

How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8.1

How to Resize Live Tiles in Windows 8 (6)

Devices are becoming much more of a lifestyle choice, and allowing users to customize their devices the way the want to is the hallmark of a mature platform. That’s why many users balked at Windows 8. Its lack of customization marked the first time in years that the Windows operating system wasn’t almost completely customizable. […]

HP Declares Microsoft a Competitor

Meg Whitman

In what is clearly a sign that Microsoft’s new strategy as a devices and services company is making industry stalwarts nervous, HP CEO, Meg Whitman declared that the company was now an “outright competitor” in the computing space. The comments came just months after HP, once the top PC maker, announced that revenues for its […]

Chrome Will Act As a Trojan Horse Against Windows Dominance

chrome os apps button

Not even Microsoft’s Metro environment for Windows 8 is safe from Google Apps. At least, that’s if the company ever officially releases the changes it’s made to the Chrome Web Browser. New builds of the Chrome Web Browser released to expert users over the last few weeks, seem to exploit one of the loop holes for […]

How to Turn Off the Start Screen in Windows 8.1

How to Disable the Start Screen in Windows 8 (9)

Windows 8’s new Start Screen marked the first time that Microsoft completely revamped the way users open applications in recent years. Prior to its introduction, users needed to click the Start Button, or press the Windows key, to access a small menu containing all of their recently used programs, along with a list of every program […]

How to Install Apps in Windows 8.1

How to Install Apps in Windows 8 (2)

Windows has always boasted an impressive assortment of third-party programs that enhance its functionality. However, until recently there wasn’t a single way for users to get applications. Some applications came installed with PCs, while web browsers and other utilities had to be downloaded from individual sites. Finally, with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 the process is much […]

Microsoft Highlights the Return of the Start Button in Windows 8.1 Ad

windows 8.1 ad

Windows 8.1, the free update for Windows 8 users, isn’t available for all users to download to their PCs just yet, but that isn’t stopping the company from advertising a few of the operating system’s new features, including the return of the Start Button. The new advertisement highlighting the return of the Start Button to […]

Microsoft Confirms Unified Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Store?


Microsoft is working to combine the application platforms of Windows Phone and its Windows operating system, if new reports are correct. According to sources being cited by The Verge, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson announced that the company is planning to combine the Windows Phone Store and the Windows Store in future releases of both platforms. More […]

Surface Mini: Microsoft Leaves iPad mini Uncontested in 2013

The Surface 2

Going small is the new going big, at least where tablets are concerned. Microsoft is now said to be joining the smaller tablet craze, but that move won’t be happening until early next year when the new Surface Mini will debut. A smaller 7- to 8-inch surface was rumored to be arriving alongside the Surface […]