Foursquare Now Available on Windows 8

Foursquare for Windows 8

Starting today, users can check into all of their favorite local hangout spots with the new Foursquare app for Windows 8. Microsoft announced the arrival of the native Foursquare client for Windows this morning, after having formally unveiled its imminent release during its BUILD conference in late June. While Windows 8 users who are less […]

Microsoft Finalizes Windows 8.1 for October Release

Windows 8.1 Features - Start Screen

Microsoft has now publicly acknowledged that it’s finished core development on Windows 8.1, the free update for Windows 8 users. The official announcement came by the way of a post on the Building Windows Blog earlier today, confirming reports that Microsoft had finished the operating system update that surfaced last Friday. While Microsoft is highlighting the […]

Dell Announces New Streamlined Latitude 3000, 5000, 7000 Series for Business


Dell has announced that it will be streamlining its new naming convention for the company’s business lineup of Latitude notebooks. Now the notebooks will be released with varying screen sizes, all with touch options, for the Latitude 3000, 5000, and 7000 series. Essentially, the higher the number, the more power the notebooks will pack and […]

Windows 8.1: 3 Things It Won’t Fix

Windows 8.1

To hear many Microsoft watchers tell it, the Windows 8.1 update is chock full of features and changes that could “save” Windows 8 from the same reputation that defined Windows Vista. They laud its added customization options, and trumpet Microsoft’s newfound ability to ship an absolute boat-load of feature additions in just a year. I’m […]

How To Close an App in Windows 8

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (8)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 attempts to make a lot of things easier on users. One of the ways it does that is by treating applications the same way smartphones do. That is to say, that Windows 8 apps immediately go into a low-powered saved state whenever they’re not visible on the screen. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly […]

AT&T-Bound Nokia Lumia Tab to Improve on Surface RT Design


We’re beginning to learn more about Nokia’s foray into the Windows tablet market with its own Lumia-branded tablet. It’s been long rumored that Nokia is working on a tablet, and early reports suggested that the slate will come with a detachable keyboard cover similar to the one offered by Microsoft with its Surface RT and […]

Windows 8.1 Coming to Users on October 17th

The Start Screen in Windows 8.1

Users can expect Windows 8.1, the free update that’s designed to make the Windows 8 operating system more useable for those with or without a touchscreen, on October 17th. That’s according to a new post on the company’s Windows Blog outlet just this morning. The update will actually be distributed in two phases. First the digital […]

Nokia Windows Tablet Coming End of September, Lumia Phablet Beginning of November?


An alleged roadmap for Nokia’s upcoming product announcements was leaked and suggests that the Finnish-based Windows Phone smartphone-maker will release a tablet for AT&T’s 4G LTE network at the end of September and a new Lumia-based Windows Phone phablet in the beginning of November. The information was published by Nokia Power User, though the site did […]

How to Back Up and Restore your Windows 8 Files to a hard drive

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (1)

Though Windows 8 makes it easier to back up your settings using the SkyDrive cloud storage service, it actually doesn’t automatically back up the files on your computer. Instead, you’ll need to back up your files through other methods. Here’s how to back up and restore your Windows 8 files to a hard drive. Plug […]

How To Navigate Windows 8 with Touch

restoring windows 8 (3)

Since the introduction of multi-touch screens, consumers have gotten used to the idea that everything, from car entertainment systems to smartphones, should allow them to naturally manipulate things on their screens. Though touch-based Windows machines have existed for years, Windows 8 is the first time that Microsoft is introducing touch-focused design in any meaningful way. […]

How to Back Up Windows 8 Settings Automatically Using SkyDrive

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (8)

With Windows 8, Microsoft reimagined a lot of things. Unfortunately, backing up your Windows 8 powered device wasn’t one of them. Instead, Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud back-up solution is where all the action is. Here’s how to back up Windows 8 settings automatically using SkyDrive on your device. Log into your Windows 8 device with a […]

How to Multitask in Windows 8

restoring windows 8 (1)

Though the desktop environment in Windows 8 already offers what could be described as a pretty familiar experience to the Windows devices of yore, the same can’t be said for Windows 8’s Metro-style applications. According to Microsoft, the new Start Screen and the apps that power them were all designed with touch in mind. Just […]

How to Connect to a Wireless Network in Windows 8

how to connect to a wireless network in windows 8 8

Windows 8 does a lot of things well, however one of the things it doesn’t do well is make it easy for users to connect to a wireless network. Here’s how to connect to a wireless network in Windows 8. With the advent of smaller, thinner and lighter computers there has never been a more important […]

Halo: Spartan Assault Hands-on

Halo- Spartan Assault

Halo is finally available on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 as a top-down two-stick shooter that’s a lot of fun in short bursts. We were able to play a preview build of the new Halo: Spartan Assault earlier this week on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 (using a Nokia Lumia 928 and […]

Sync Your Windows 8 Files Automatically with SkyDrive

how to sync Windows 8 settings to skydrive (11)

Microsoft is attempting to revolutionize the way users think about Windows. With it, users are able to effortlessly sync their computer settings from computer to computer. This syncing includes everything from passwords to desktop backgrounds, all using SkyDrive. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t see fit to build in automatic SkyDrive syncing for files. That doesn’t mean that […]

Windows 8.1’s Metro: This Is More Like It

The Start Screen in Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has always been a mixed bag for me. On one hand, the operating system was forward thinking. On the other it clearly suffered from a lack of development time. In my opinion the two conditions left a sour taste in the mouths of many users. After a few weeks of real world […]

How to Set Up iCloud & Photo Stream on Windows 8


Setting up iCloud for Windows 8 will allow users to automatically download Photo Stream photos to a Windows 8 computer without the need to connect  an iPhone or iPad. The iPhone and iPad make it easy to automatically backup and share photos with Photo Stream on iOS 5 and iOS 6. This means most iPhone […]

Acer: No Revised 8-Inch W3 Windows 8 Tablet With New Display…For Now


Following a highly publicized post at WP Central that Acer would quickly release a newly revised Iconia W3 tablet based on Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform that would incorporate a better and improved display, we had reached out to Acer and the company confirmed that this isn’t the case. “This rumor is false,” an Acer public relations […]

How To Use the Share Charm in Windows 8

How To Share Windows 8 4

As part of Microsoft’s revamp of the Windows user interface in Windows 8 the company introduced a lot of changes that were designed to make the lives of users easier. Among these things were universal ways of performing everyday tasks like Search and finding the settings in all Metro-style applications. In theory the switch to […]

Rhapsody Crashes The Xbox Music Party on Windows 8


Subscription music fans will have a new native Windows 8 app to stream their favorite music with, Rhapsody. Following an announcement during this week’s BUILD Conference, Rhapsody for Windows is now available in the Windows Store. According to that store page, users will now be able to fully browse and listen to the service’s entire […]