Call Me A Redundant Fool, But I Feel Like My Data is Safe


The recent spate of data loss issues is causing quite a bit of good conversation about preserving your data. With Windows 7 on the horizon, quite a few folks will be upgrading older machines or wiping the slate clean and starting afresh with new installs. Before doing either you need to make sure your data […]

Windows Live Mesh Now Available for Snow Leopard


Good news for Mac users who also use Windows devices and Windows Live Mesh. Looks like the Windows Live Mesh team has gotten a version ready for Apple’s Snow Leopard. They just announced the release. A new version of the Live Mesh Mac software is available that provides support for both Mac OS X Leopard […]

Sync Showdown: Windows Live Mesh and MobileMe

I’m taking a quick break from writing a new theatre piece called Southern Crossroads for Wayside Theatre. We’re creating this piece ourselves out of necessity due to difficult economic circumstances, but that’s not the point of the post. I’m been writing pretty much straight through for the last 56 hours or so, and drafts have […]

Update Coming Today for Windows Live Mesh


Last week saw an update for Windows Live Mesh for the Mac, Mobile and the Live Desktop. Today should bring an update for Windows. I haven’t seen it come across yet, but according to the Live Mesh blog we should be seeing it soon. Here’s the poop:

Blockbuster To Use Live Mesh To Stream Movies

This promises to be interesting to say the least. A report in The Dallas Morning News says that Blockbuster will be using Microsoft’s Live Mesh to stream stream video to desktops and mobile devices. "Eventually, we’ll give customers instant access to any movie on any device with an Internet connection and a screen," said Keith […]

Why This Medical Student Likes Windows Live Mesh So Much

Windows Live Mesh is one of those products whose reach will be felt for a long time to come, especially as Microsoft begins to roll out sync features that tie in their applications (think OneNote, etc). DaveTN, a respiratory therapist about to enter graduate school, has penned a great article on why he likes Live […]

Evernote-ing, Mesh-ing and MobileMe-ing Around in Rehearsal


I’m knee deep in Christmas, the London of Charles Dickens with Ebenezer Scrooge, and 34 actors in two casts (including 18 children) as we rehearse a new musical production of A Christmas Carol which opens November 29 at Wayside Theatre. In addition to exercising the creative muscles, and the drill sergeant routine to keep things […]

Windows Live Mesh Beta Updates and Adds Mac Client


Rob alluded to this the other day, and it looks like it is literally happening as I blog this. Windows Live Mesh is in the process of updating and in that process I’ve noticed that the Mac Client is now available. Supposedly this means that the Beta is now open, or is about to open […]