WP7S promo video leaked, hopefully incomplete


Blogger and tech consultant Mahmoud Ibrahim has posted what I can only hope is an incomplete promo video for Windows Phone 7 Series. Though some questionable content has been spotted, I find it quite pleasant and effective, or rather it would be effective if not for one glaring omission.

Confirmed: WP7S will lack copy & paste at launch


I suppose I could put a positive spin on that headline as others have done, but frankly, I already figured that cut/copy/paste was coming to Windows Phone 7 Series after lacking it initially, so all I see now is confirmation of that in a report from Long Zheng at istartedsomething.

Pipe Dream: Tablet Running Windows Phone 7


Well, that didn’t take long. Details for Windows Phone 7 Series aren’t fully revealed yet, but already there’s someone thinking about running it on a slate tablet. Looks pretty slick. However, given what we know, it’s something we won’t be seeing, at least for a while.

Microsoft admits iPhone limits are reasonable, copies them in WP7S


Word circling ’round the Internet is that Windows Phone 7 Series is going to be running with several of the same limits that have shackled the iPhone, namely lack of cut/copy/paste and running multiple third-party apps, not to mention lack of removable storage and a centralized app store. It’s almost as if they want to […]

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Partners and App News


We may still be some time from Microsoft and partners bringing Windows Phone 7 Series bringing phones to market, but that doesn’t stop the news from coming out about the new platform. Microsoft is revealing some of its app launch partners and for the most part the names are pretty familiar. Here are some of […]

WP7S app development via XNA and Silverlight, bodes poorly for Flash support


Leaked documents (always the best kind) via WM PowerUser layout the application platform for WP7S, and it’s all about XNA and Silverlight. XNA isn’t surprising given it’s the framework used for the XBox, part of Microsoft’s entertainment division, but Silverlight, as a competitor to Adobe Flash, creates an interesting situation.

Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition? Seriously?


This might be hyperbole, but I’m going to claim Windows Phone is the most poorly executed rebrand in recorded history. Not only are there two versions with really long, partly nonsensical names, but now comes word of a third with an even longer name: Windows Phone 6 Starter Edition.

WP7S looks great, horribly branded


Beautiful. That’s the one word I would use to describe the new UI on WP7S. I’d called for Microsoft to use Zune 2.0 as the basis for the rebirth of Windows Mobile (starting way back in Oct ’07), and they did not disappoint… except with that horrible name.