NVIDIA: Windows 8 Tablet to Run Windows Phone 7 Apps


Despite Microsoft’s insistence in the past that the Windows Phone operating system, as its name implies, is reserved strictly for phones and that tablets are computers that requires Windows, NVIDIA’s outspoken CEO Jen-Hsun Huang spilled a major secret that the next-generation Windows 8 for tablets will be able to run apps made for Windows Phone […]

Google Makes YouTube Better for Windows Phone Users


After Microsoft had blamed Google for restricting YouTube to a poorly executed experience for Windows Phone 7, the YouTube-owner had taken down its site and over the past few days and have recently relaunched a much improved YouTube experience for Windows Phone devices. Previously, the YouTube app for Windows Phone 7 is merely a shortcut […]

Samsung Omnia W brings 1.4 GHz CPU, NFC to Windows Phone Mango


SamFirmware, which has been a reliable source of pre-release Samsung products in the past, has tweeted that Samsung’s Windows Phone mango device, the Omnia W, will come with a 1.4 GHz processor as well as near field communications (NFC) support. The processor would be a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm as Microsoft standardizes on Qualcomm processors […]

Nokia 703 Windows Phone 7 Device Name Pops Up


Scott Peterson, developer of the Windows Phone app ‘I’m a WP7,’ has noticed a new Nokia device name showing up as the Nokia 703. The 703 should be a mid-range device that will slot in under the 800 and 900 series smartphones made by Nokia, but above the 500 and 600 series devices. It’s unclear […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Gets Caught in the Wild (Photos)

HTC Omega

We’ve already heard quite about the HTC Omega, a Windows Phone device that we expect HTC to unveil on September 1st, but until these photos leaked out, we hadn’t seen it show up in the wild. Before today, we had only seen it show up in a render. The photos come courtesy of an Algerian […]

Analysts Pulling for Windows Phone 7 as Third Horse in Three-Horse Race


Analysts are now predicting that Microsoft’s mobile platform will become the third platform after Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system in a three-horse race the finish, with Windows Phone 7 beating out Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS and the open-source Symbian platform, which Nokia has recently abandoned in the U.S. Despite having a small […]

HTC Omega Launching as HTC Radar; HTC Eternity Launching as Titan

HTC Eternity/Titan

Two HTC-made Windows Phone 7 Mango devices are now having their launch names revealed. The first, the HTC Omega, which is a successor to devices like the HTC Trophy on Verizon and bears a striking back design that’s reminiscent of the HTC Flyer tablet, will be known as the HTC Radar when it becomes available […]

Nokia Brings NFC Support to All Phones, Accessories in Future


Nokia has officially announced that all of the products made by the Finnish phone-maker will come with near field communications, or NFC, support in the future, including the company’s Symbian and Windows Phone 7 handsets. NFC, which is gaining in mind share in the U.S. due to the potential of the technology to replace credit […]

Windows Phone Infographic Shows How Your Life Has Changed With a Smartphone


Microsoft’s Windows Phone team has posted a fun infographics to show how our lives have changed over the past twenty years thanks to the advent of the smartphone, making it easier to research information, communicate, share, entertain, and collaborate. Though the infographic itself was created by the Windows Phone team, it is relevant and applicable […]

First Windows Phone 7 Mango Device Arrives August 25th

Windows Phone 7 Mango Device Announced

We are eagerly awaiting Windows Phone 7 Mango, also known as a Windows Phone 7.5, for a few months, and it looks like the wait is now over. We had pegged the Windows Phone 7 Mango release date at September 1st, which still looks like the most likely official announcement date despite Microsoft’s denial, but Fujitsu has just […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango to Sport HDMI Output? Acer M310 Has Micro HDMI


Though Microsoft had been keen to recruit strategic content provider partners when it had debuted its Windows Phone 7 devices nearly a year ago, a missing feature from all the first-generation hardware across all manufacturers is TV output, and in particular HDMI output. Given that Windows Phone 7 can support video recording with minimum camera […]

AT&T Roadmap Leak Reveals Windows Phone Mango Handsets, Tons of Android

AT&T Roadmap Leak

We have been due for a massive carrier road map leak and today, an extensive 2011 AT&T smartphone road map has leaked out courtesy of Pocketnow show casing a bunch of upcoming Android devices, two Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets and some BlackBerry 7 devices as well. So let’s run down the leak, shall we? […]

Nokia 900 Series Rumored Specs Are Too Good to Be True?


In as much as I want these leaked and rumored specs for the Nokia 900 Windows Phone 7 device, forthcoming from the Finnish former Symbian phone-maker, to be true, the specs appear nothing more than wishful thinking created by a crazed fan. However, if true, the Nokia 900 will be among the best phones on […]

HTC to Reveal Two Windows Phone Mango Handsets on September 1st?


We know that HTC is hosting some sort of event on September 1st and speculation about the devices has been rampant. Will it be the HTC Vigor, the first phone to feature HTC’s new partnership with Beats? The HTC Jetstream, HTC and AT&T’s first 4G LTE tablet? Or would it be the the HTC Ruby […]

Compal Set to Deliver 2 Million Windows Phones to Nokia Beginning September


It looks like although Nokia will be designing the design and mechanics of the company’s new Windows Phone 7 devices, those devices will in fact be manufactured by Compal, much like how Apple uses Foxconn to manufacture the iPhone. News out of Taiwan language news sources suggest that Compal will begin shipping finished Windows Phone […]

Windows Phone Mango September 1st Release Date ‘Just A Rumor’

Joe Belifiore

Much like Samsung did with their rumored devices that popped up yesterday, Microsoft is going public with a denial about that rumored September 1st release date for their upcoming software, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. If you recall, several sources had pegged September 1st as the launch date of Mango which stirred up much excitement amongst […]