Windows Phone Mango Release Date Pegged for September 1st

Windows Phone Mango

Before today, all we had heard about a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release date was ‘fall’. That seasonal window of course was given to use by Microsoft itself so we’ve been waiting and digging for some kind of specific release date for Redmond’s latest and greatest software. Well, according to Pocket-lint, Microsoft is going to […]

Samsung’s First Windows Phone Mango Handset Revealed?

Ominia 7

For those of you that have been waiting to hear about Samsung-made Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets, you’ll be happy to know that a potential candidate for the first Samsung Mango device has been outed by HDBlog. Unfortunately, that’s where your happiness is probably going to turn into downright anger because it appears that this […]

HTC Mazaa Windows Phone Mango Looks Like a Verizon Trophy


The HTC Mazaa, which was originally seen earlier this year in April through leaks for Sprint, is now re-surfacing again as a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device. The device was recently given away by Microsoft as part of the WPAppItUp competition for app developers. Unfortunately, while Mazaa was originally rumored for a release on Sprint, […]

Skype VP Hints at Deeply Integrated Windows Phone App


It’s no secret that Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Skype, still pending European regulatory approval but passed U.S. approval, will result in more Microsoft products with Skype integration, and in particular Windows Phone. New Windows Phone 7 Mango devices that will be released this Fall are expected with front-facing camera, and Skype may fill the role […]

Windows Phone Mango Announces Caller ID Information


It looks like with the forthcoming Mango software update for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is bringing back a beloved feature from its Windows Mobile era. Previously, with the now defunct Windows Mobile platform and the optional Microsoft Voice Command software pack, users can set their phones to not only ring with custom ringtones, but also […]

No Nokia Sea Ray Windows Phone for U.S.?


Though it appears that Nokia is fully committed to the U.S. market and to the Windows Phone platform, dropping the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 from the U.S. lineup, the company may also drop the N9’s cousin, the Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia Sea Ray smartphone, from its U.S. portfolio as well according to the latest rumor. However, […]

Motorola Open to Making Windows Phones


It appears that Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and others might have competition beyond Android at some point in the future as Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has confirmed that his company has interest in developing phones with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS on board if the right situation presents itself. In comments made today at the Oppenheimer Technology […]

Microsoft’s Android Business Brings In 3 Times as Much Money as Windows Phone


Years of experience, patents, and research in the mobile smartphone business is paying off for Microsoft. The Redmond, Washington-based Windows Phone maker’s biggest money maker in mobile isn’t even its own Windows Phone business, but rather its patents, which are licensed out to handset makers. As Microsoft is trying to capitalize on the growth of […]

TellMe Brings Voice Navigation to Maps on Windows Phone Mango


In newly released information about Windows Phone 7’s Mango software update, Microsoft says that TellMe’s voice navigation–which is akin to Google’s Voice Search for Android, third-party Vllingo app, or the Voice Control feature of Apple’s iOS–feature will also be available for navigating maps. In addition to using your voice to navigate maps, as part of […]

Skype Job Posting Hints Video Chat Coming Soon to Windows Phone 7


If the Microsoft acquisition of Skype wasn’t enough to convince you that the Windows Phone-maker wants to bring video chat to its platform users, then the latest job posting at Skype should help to alleviate fears that Windows Phone 7 may lack video chat support. The job posting is searching for an engineer “for building […]

Nokia Not Launching Windows Phone 7 Handset on August 17th


An earlier invitation sent out as a joint press event between Nokia and Microsoft for August 17th at a game conference in Cologne, Germany had led many to speculate that the date may be the official unveiling of Nokia’s debut Windows Phone 7 handset, codenamed Sea Ray. However, as it turns out, sources to This […]

Nokia Unveiling First Windows Phone on August 17th?

Nokia and Microsoft Event

It seems Microsoft and Nokia have a joint party planned for August the 17th and speculation has them possibly announcing the first Nokia-made Windows Phone at the event. The Unwired has revealed the invitation for the party, set to take place in Cologne, Germany where the companies plan on raffling off three Xbox consoles as […]

Is Microsoft Confident? Windows Phone 7 Mango Launching Alongside New iPhones


Microsoft may be confident–or over-confident–as the Windows Phone-maker is gearing up for a massive September launch of devices from partners running the Mango operating system. The key here is that the launch this year will be timed to happen alongside Apple’s next-generation iPhone, which would debut new hardware and the iOS 5 software to consumers. […]

Windows Phone Mango Twitter Integration Gets Demoed (Video)

Windows Phone Mango with Twitter

We know that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is done, Microsoft has sent it off to manufacturers, so now all we’re left to do is sit around and wait for it arrive OTA to old hardware and on shelves within new hardware. Unfortunately, an exact date is unknown which means that all we can do is […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Believed to Sport 1.5 GHz Snapdragon


Additional details about the HTC Omega smartphone was leaked and now the next-generation Windows Phone 7 device is believed to be launched with Microsoft’s Mango software update as a second-generation phone. The device is said to be the successor to the HTC 7 Mozart, and will have a smaller 3.8-inch display rather than the larger […]

Will the HTC Ruby be a Windows Phone 7 or Android Gem?


A new leaked device from HTC, codenamed the HTC Ruby, was recently shown in pictures. Unfortunately, the pictures aren’t clear, and only reveals the device as seen through the mirrored glass surface of the HTC Flyer tablet. Not much information is known about the device or its specs at this time. From the image, we […]

Dell Rolls Out Update to Fix Venue Pro WiFi Issues


Dell is now starting to roll out a software update for its debut Windows Phone 7 Venue Pro smartphone to fix WiFi issues on that handset. Dell says that the update will first hit the T-Mobile USA edition of the Venue Pro, followed by other markets. At this time, though, Dell isn’t saying anything about […]