Nokia Gives Bandit Phablet a Name: Lumia 1520


It looks like the current camera smartphone flagship in the form of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 will soon be supplanted. The rumored 6-inch phablet, which carries a code name of Bandit, is now said to be released as the Lumia 1520. Given that the model number is higher than the 1020, per Nokia’s naming conventions this […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Coming to AT&T to Take on the iPhone 5S

The AT&T version of the Nokia Lumia 925.

When the iPhone 5S launches on AT&T in mid-September it will face a new all-metal challenger, Nokia’s Lumia 925. According to AT&T, its users will be able to purchase the Nokia Lumia 925 flagship for just $99.99 with a two-year service agreement. Other than its new black styling, AT&T’s version of the Lumia 925 mirrors that […]

How To Use Twitter on Windows Phone

How to turn Off Picture Geotagging on Windows Phone 8 1

Microsoft’s Windows Phone takes a completely different approach to social media sharing. Instead of including single applications for Twitter and Facebook with each phone, Microsoft integrated social networks into Windows Phone 8. Because of this users are able to send and share messages from almost any area on Windows Phone. Here’s how to use Twitter […]

Windows Phone Over-Sharers Rejoice! Nokia Exec Confirms Instagram Coming


Windows Phone users who have Instagram envy for sharing their images and photos on the Facebook-owned photo sharing service can breathe a sigh of relief as Nokia EVP Chris Weber has confirmed that Instagram will be coming to the Microsoft mobile platform. In the past, rumors of an official Instagram client coming to Windows Phone, […]

Nokia Lumia’s Bandit Rumored September Launch Hints at Windows 8.1 Release


The rumored release date for Nokia’s large-screened phablet, code named Bandit, may have just given us the hint that Microsoft may be readying the launch of its next generation Windows Phone OS release around the same time next month in September. The new phablet is scheduled to be announced at a private event in September, according […]

Windows Phone 8: 3 Things Microsoft Needs to Do to Catch Up


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is a thing of legend. Having completely and utterly reached a breaking point with Windows Mobile, Microsoft later spent the next four release cycles building a new mobile operating system from the ground up. It was a calculated risk that, in the end, mostly paid off. Microsoft might have counted on iOS […]

Windows Phone-Powered HTC One Could Arrive This Fall


Rumors that HTC may be abandoning its commitment to Windows Phone should be laid to rest as HTC’s Jeff Gordon has confirmed to ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley that the company will indeed be releasing a new Windows Phone 8 handset this fall. After asking if HTC is planning an HTC 8X successor for the fall, Gordon […]

Relaunched YouTube App for Windows Phone Already Broken


After a spat between tech giants Microsoft and Google, the Microsoft-made YouTube client for Windows Phone was pulled from the Windows Phone store. After the company had seemingly reached an agreement–Google ads within the YouTube videos in the client and the removal of the ability to download videos–over disputed features of the Microsoft-made app, the […]

Windows 8.1 Steals Windows Phone Features for Better Usability

The Windows 8.1 Mail application with the updated, App Bar design at the bottom. captured by The Verge.

Screenshots taken from the most recent leaks of Windows 8.1, the upcoming update for all Windows 8 users, indicates that with just weeks to go until availability, Microsoft is making the Windows experience easier for users to grasp by taking elements from Windows Phone 8 In this latest build of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has added a […]

How to Turn on Kids Corner on Windows Phone 8

how to turn on kids corner on windows phone 8 (10)

Just as smartphones have become essential to productivity, for parents they’ve become essential to keeping kids occupied on long road trips and errands. Unfortunately, handing your child your Windows Phone could leave you vulnerable to whatever mistakes or changes they make to your device. Thankfully, Windows Phone 8 enables an option called Kids Corner. With […]

How to Customize the Windows Phone 8 Start Screen


Windows Phone’s stark Metro-design language doesn’t earn it any favors when it comes to users looking for customization. Its plain blacks and limited use of gradients are seen by many to be boring and too much of a straightjacket for those who wish to bring their own personality to their phones. In this tutorial we’ll […]

How To Sync Documents to Windows Phone Using SkyDrive

How To Sync Documents to Windows Phone Using SkyDrive 8

While it doesn’t get much attention, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has a few features that differentiate it from smartphones running iOS and Android. For most business users its key stand-out will likely be the free version of Office that is included with every Windows Phone device. With it, users can view presentations created with […]

Next Windows Phone 8 Update in Testing, Will Enable a Nokia Phablet

nokia big announcement

Just as the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update’s rollout is starting to gain steam, rumors of its successor, and the smartphone that it’ll power are solidifying. The Verge is citing sources that believe the Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update is actually already in testing, and that it’ll finally add the ability for Windows Phones users […]

Windows Phone Continues App Winning Streak, Scores MLB At Bat 2013

MLB at bat 13

With arrival of MLB’s At Bat 13, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has just scored another big win in the application availability department. Starting today, users can download Major League Baseball’s premiere guide for free in the Windows Phone Store. Perspective users will need to move though, as the application’s description does note that it’ll only be […]

Nokia Adding SMS Filtering and Call Blocking to Lumia Windows Phones

A screenshot of the new calling and SMS blocking features from Windows Phone Central.

According to Windows Phone Central, a new update to the settings application for Nokia Lumia users adds the ability call and message blocking lists. With the features Windows Phone users can finally block the numbers responsible for sending them unwanted media messages and sales calls. Unfortunately, the application update requires that the Lumia Windows Phone […]

Microsoft Shares Windows Phone 8 Bing Update Details

The slightly updated Bing on Windows Phone 8.

An update to the way Bing presents search results should help improve the browsing experience for Bing on Windows Phone users, according to Microsoft. Microsoft detailed the changes in full on the Windows Phone Blog today, which finally address some of the issues users had when browsing results that the Bing hub gave them. Microsoft is […]

How To Install Applications on Windows Phone 8

Verizon Windows Phone 8 phones

Microsoft put a heavy emphasis on integrating functionality into its Windows Phone operating system. But just like as with iOS and Android, applications are the easiest way to add functionality that simply isn’t built into to the operating system. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install applications on Windows Phone. It’s important to remember […]

Google to Temporarily Extend Gmail Sync Support for Windows Phones

Gmail Logo

Google has announced that it will now delay shutting off support for its older Gmail syncing solution for Windows Phone users until December 31st. That move means that users of devices running Windows Phone 8 will still be able to have their appointments and email sync to their Windows Phone devices until then. Google had […]

Instagram Blocking Third-Party Instagram Replacements on Windows Phone

Instagram for Android Update Brings New Feature

Following a night filled with reports that users of the third-party Windows Phone Instagram client Instance couldn’t post their photos, the developer of the application is now confirming that the social network is actively blocking photo uploads from the application. According to a tweet by Daniel Gary, the developer of Instance, “evidently Instagram has little […]

Nokia’s Greatest Obstacle with Windows Phone 8: Microsoft

The Nokia Lumia 920

Comments made by a Nokia executive highlight one of the biggest obstacles facing Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8: Microsoft itself. At least that is the sentiment coming from Nokia. During an interview for the International Business Times, Nokia vice president Bryan Biniak shared his expectations for the platform, along with his feelings on things that are holding […]