3 Reasons Windows Phone Users Should Defect to Android


*+-Since Microsoft announced that it would be rebooting its smartphone software and services back in 2010, users of Windows Phone operating systems have waited with baited breath for any sign that Windows would return to its position as a purveyor of a premier mobile operating system. Not that the reset wasn’t needed, Windows Mobile had […]

Samsung Teases New Galaxy and ATIV Launch


*+-Samsung has turned to Facebook to tease the launch of upcoming new products as part of the company’s Galaxy and ATIV line. The launch event, scheduled for June 20th, could potentially also be live streamed through Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel as well as there was a URL to www.youtube.com/SamsungMobile. So far, the company has been coy […]

41-Megapixel Nokia Lumia EOS Rumored for July Launch


*+-Nokia is now rumored to be announcing the Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia EOS with a 41-megapixel PureView camera and new camera UI as early as July 9th. The phone was rumored for a release as early as February this year at Mobile World Congress on the anniversary of the Nokia 808, the first phone […]

Microsoft Tries to Send an Olive Branch to Google


*+-After Google demanded that the Microsoft-developed YouTube app for the Windows Phone 8 platform be taken down as it violates Google’s terms of service, Microsoft is attempting to make peace with its rival. Microsoft has responded to Google’s demands by meeting some of Google’s requests, but not all of the company’s demands surrounding YouTube. Google […]

As Smartwatch Popularity Rises, Entrepreneurs Look Towards Windows Phone for Opportunities


*+-Without an “official” smartwatch platform or solution from Apple, Google, and Microsoft, developers and entrepreneurs are now looking towards Windows Phone for new opportunities. One such company is Secret Labs, which has gained momentum for its AGENT project on Kickstarter for a smartwatch that will be compatible with synchronizing data and information with Apple’s iOS […]

Nokia Rumored to Tackle Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Next Year

4.5-inch Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone launching as a T-Mobile USA exclusive in the U.S.

*+-Nokia is rumored to be working on a Windows Phone 8 phablet of its own with a screen that is speculated to be about 6 inches. The dimensions of the device would make this uber-large smartphone competitive against the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a phone that is widely believed to sport a similar screen […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Review: Xenon Flash Is Not Worth the Purchase


*+-The Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless largely functions in much of the same way as AT&T’s Lumia 920, but the new flagship adds a Xenon flash that replaces the dual-LED flash of the 920. Given what we know about Xenon flash–it’s brighter, able to freeze motion so you don’t have motion blur in your […]

3 Things Windows Phone Needs in Order to Compete with iOS and Android

Those familiar with iOS 7 compare the flatness of the new iOS version to Windows Phone.

*+-As Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference and Google’s I/O developer conference passes by, it’s time to take take a look at how Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is stacking up against the competition… or rather isn’t. The Windows Phone operating system and the devices it powers have come a long way. In seven months Windows […]

Rumored Nokia Lumia EOS Spotted in the Wild


*+-The mythical Nokia Lumia EOS smartphone that’s been rumored with a 41-megapixel PureView camera sensor similar to that of the Nokia 808 has been spotted in the wild. According to a report on WMPU, one of the publication’s readers has spotted the device out in the opened and the details were confirmed by another source. No […]

Itsdagram: Finally A Working Instagram App For Windows Phone 8


*+-Windows Phone 8 users finally have a way to view and upload photos to Instagram via the new Itsdagram app. Itsdagram is a $1.49 Windows Phone 8 app that brings almost all of the features of Instagram to Windows Phone, including filters, the timeline, comments and, of course, the ability to upload photos. WP Central […]

Windows Phone Now in Third Place, Ahead of BlackBerry


*+-New market share numbers from this past quarter now confirm the rise of Microsoft’s Windows Phone Platform from number four to number three. The numbers, which were provided in a report by research firm IDC, indicate that Windows Phone accounted for 3.2 percent of all smartphones shipped, while BlackBerry devices only accounted for 2.9 percent. […]

YouTube Caught In the Middle of Google-Microsoft War on Windows Phone


*+-Microsoft and Google have both been fighting a very public Cold War ever since Google announced that it won’t be releasing any official apps for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform and discontinued ActiveSync so Windows Phone users won’t be able to synchronize contacts and calendars from Gmail, and now the latest battlefront has shifted over […]

Podcasts Coming to International Windows Phone 8 Users in GDR2 Update


*+-It seems Microsoft may have left out a huge feature when it detailed the changes that would debut in the Windows Phone GDR2 update this summer: international podcast support. While getting some hands-on time with the Nokia Lumia 925 at Nokia launch event this morning, ArsTechnica was able to browse the Windows Phone Store’s podcast […]

Microsoft Details GDR2 Update for Windows Phone 8 Devices


*+-With its GDR2 update for Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will seek to bring its Data Sense feature to more wireless carriers and restore FM Radio functionality. In a blog post that was also meant to bolster the announcement of Nokia’s latest flagship, the Lumia 925, Michael Stroh of the Windows Phone Team has finally confirmed […]

Nokia Teases Another Lumia Ahead of Unveiling Event


*+-In a new advertisement, Nokia is teasing another Lumia ahead of its May 14th event in London. Little information is revealed from the ad itself, but it looks like Nokia will be unveiling the famed Catwalk device, a smartphone with a slimmer profile and a return back to a metal body for Nokia, which has […]

7 Exciting Smartphones Upcoming in 2013


*+-The new year got off to an extremely slow start in terms of new devices. The arrival of the Sony Xperia Z marked the first big arrival of the year but up until a few weeks ago, it was alone. In the weeks since, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have joined it […]

Verizon Finally Confirms the Nokia Lumia 928, Coming May 16 For $99


*+-The Nokia Lumia 928 is finally official, and will come to Verizon Wireless on May 16 for $99.99 on a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate. While Nokia doesn’t acknowledge it in the announcement, the Lumia 928 is essentially the same as the Nokia Lumia 920 with a few added features. The new phone […]

Newly Launched Windows Phone YouTube App May Be Blocked By Google Soon


*+-Microsoft had recently launched a revamped YouTube app for its Windows Phone 8 platform that brings more functionality as well as an attractive UI that’s consistent with the official YouTube for other platforms, but the Microsoft-developed app may soon be restricted by Google from accessing content. This is because the app may be in violation […]

Nokia U.S. Teases Image of Verizon-Bound Lumia 928


*+-With May 14th just under a week away, it appears that Nokia U.S. is beginning to tease and leak images of the Lumia 928. The Lumia 928 is expected to be one of possibly several smartphones that may be announced at the company’s London event. Other devices rumored for this event include a GSM variant […]