5 Leaked Windows Phone Features for iPhone Users To Get Excited About

An example of the Start Screen customization rumored for Windows Phone 8.1 captured by WPCentral.

Excitement about Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 update is growing. Though the update isn’t believed to be arriving on Windows Phone devices until early this summer, owners of Windows Phone devices hunger for news about the new operating system. Thankfully, a never-ending stream of leaks and screenshots have wet their appetite. The interesting thing is that many of these features […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Features Could Turn Platform Into a True iPhone Rival


Users can expect a unified notification center and a new personal assistant to arrive as part of Windows Phone 8.1, the often rumored update coming to Windows Phone users sometime next year. In a new report out today, The Verge says that it’s managed to confirm that users will get these features, plus much more […]

Ditching Hardware Buttons Could Make Windows Phone 8.1 A Top Contender


Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system isn’t close to rivaling Google’s Android in terms of market share just yet, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is giving up on the fight. New reports indicate that Microsoft could be preparing to drop the Windows Phone platform’s signature hardware buttons to make it more competitive. Though talk about Microsoft […]

File Manager and More for Windows Phone Leaked by Feedback Site

Windows Phone 8S by HTC Blue

Windows Phone users could be in for a file manager and new app storage settings if comments made by a Microsoft employee on the company’s UserVoice website are true. Rumors of a file manager finally making into Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system surfaced after Mobile Guru, an Administrator for the product’s UserVoice website and, presumably, […]

Next Big Update to Windows Could Come in Spring of 2015

windows 8.1 review (6)

With Windows 8.1 only hours away from its official début, depending on a user’s time-zone, rumors are now circulating about the next major update for Windows. Rumors about the next big software update for Microsoft’s new unified Operating Systems Group indicate that the next version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows operating system could come […]

Windows Phone 8.1 to Feature Universal Apps and Loss of Back Button?

The multitasking screen in Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8.1 could bring universal applications and support for more high-end hardware to Microsoft’s mobile platform, according to reports. Citing a reliable source with information, long-time Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott believes that users can expect a huge list of landmark changes from the Windows Phone 8.1 update due next year. Allegedly, Windows Phone 8.1 […]

Microsoft’s Cortana Rumored To Rival Apple’s Siri

Cortana is the name for an artificial intelligence construct in Microsoft's Halo franchise.

Microsoft is working a digital voice assistant much like Apple’s Siri personal assistant for Windows Phone 8 Blue. According to sources who talked exclusive with ZDNet, Microsoft is working on a rival for Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now for a launch in the next major version of Windows Phone, Windows Phone and possibly other products […]

Windows Phone 8: 3 Things Microsoft Needs to Do to Catch Up


Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is a thing of legend. Having completely and utterly reached a breaking point with Windows Mobile, Microsoft later spent the next four release cycles building a new mobile operating system from the ground up. It was a calculated risk that, in the end, mostly paid off. Microsoft might have counted on iOS […]

Windows Phone Blue Update Plagued By Bugs and Delayed Until Next Year


Unconfirmed reports indicate that Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system won’t see major updates until sometime early next year due to serious bugs. Citing sources “familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans”, The Verge believes that Microsoft’s Windows Phone Team is in what it describes as “shut up and ship” mode — industry jargon for what essentially […]

What Windows 8.1 Tells Us About Windows Phone Blue

Windows 8.1 Features - Start Screen

Microsoft might not have used its BUILD 2013 event to showcase much in the way of updates and features coming to the next version of Windows Phone, but some conclusions on the mobile operating system can be drawn from what Microsoft did talk about in great detail: Windows 8.1. Of course, these aren’t hardcore feature sets, […]

Windows Phone 8.1 In Testing?


If new screenshots posted to the Reddit social network are true, Windows Phone 8.1 a possible update to Windows Phone 8 could now be in testing on a small amount of devices. The screenshot, taken by a Reddit user who created the Archiver application that’s currently available for download in the Windows Phone Store, depicts […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Concept Features Notification Hub

concept 5

New fan-made concepts of an updated Windows Phone 8 operating system that includes a notification hub and styling upgrades could indicate where Microsoft might be taking the platform with its next major update codenamed “Blue”. The concepts, which were created by Yanko Andreev and featured on 1800PocketPC, are all about taking the design colors and […]

Windows Phone Exec Confirms No Surface Phone

Image courtesy Business Insider

Microsoft’s Windows Phone exec Terry Myerson spoke at All Things D‘s conference and once again clarified that his company will not enter the phone hardware space in releasing a Surface Phone. Microsoft had previously denied reports that it would manufacture a Surface phone after the company had entered the PC space with its hybrid Surface RT and […]

Microsoft Plans for Windows Phone Phablets in Future Major OS Update


We’ve reported recently that 1080p full HD resolution displays will be coming to the next major Windows Phone OS update, also known as GDR3, and now we are hearing that the same update may allow manufacturers to create larger Windows Phone devices. The latest software tweaks will enable Microsoft and its OEM hardware partners to […]

Windows Phone 8 To Support 1080p Displays This Year?


A new report claims Windows Phone 8 will support 1080p displays by the end of 2013. Sources talking to The Verge claim support for new displays will come to Windows Phone 8 in the upcoming General Distribution Release 3 sometime later this year. The update will let Windows Phone manufacturers create phones with 1080p display and screens […]

Windows Blue Getting Renamed at Launch


A Windows Blue by any other name is still the same anticipated update to Windows 8. Detailed in its blog, Microsoft’s VP of corporate communications Frank Shaw has announced that there is very little chance that the forthcoming platform update will be named Windows Blue at launch, suggesting that Microsoft may have a different more […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Sample Photo Reportedly surfaces

Test photo from the rumored Nokia Lumia 928.

Am alleged Nokia Lumia 928 sample photo appeared online today. Teh Nokia Lumia 928 is a new Windows Phone 8 device rumored for Verizon. The photo shows a glass of beer with the logo for Black Raven Brewing, and not much else. The photo looks good for a smartphone photo, but there isn’t much to […]

Next Windows Phone ‘Blue’ Update Arriving Later This Year


From a job posting, it appears that Microsoft is on track to release the next major release of Windows Phone, probably called Windows Phone Blue to match the Windows 8 Blue release, later this year. A specific timeframe was not given, but the update is targeted with a holiday release date. Microsoft is also planning […]

Windows Phone 8 Users Won’t Get Stuck on Windows Phone 8


Windows Phone 8 will upgrade to the next version of Windows Phone, whatever that is, according to a PCMag report. At Mobile World Congress Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, told PCMag that Microsoft will have an upgrade path for current Windows Phone 8 devices. That means the next version of Windows Phone won’t […]