Universal Apps Trickle into the Windows Store to Save You Money

Halo - Spartan Assault

Microsoft only announced that it’d be introducing Universal Windows Apps at its BUILD 2014 conference earlier this month, but already users are starting to see them flow into the Windows and Windows Phone Store. Updated listings for Halo: Spartan Assault and Skulls of the Shogun appeared overnight, with both of their pages now indicating that […]

Microsoft Begins Publishing Web Apps in the Windows Phone Store

how to intall apps on windows phone 20

Microsoft has confirmed that it is repacking mobile websites and launching them in its Windows Phone Store as native applications. The company confirmed the practice after reports surfaced over a number of big name applications finally entering the Windows Phone Store. While that wouldn’t normally be odd – Microsoft has been working overtime to attract […]

iPhone & iPad Apps Generate Revenue, Google Play Delivers Downloads

If the iPhone 5S is a minimal upgrade, can it compete with the Samsung Galaxy S4?

According to quarterly results released by research firm Canalys, developers looking to generate revenues directly from people purchasing their apps should keep their eye on the iOS App Store, while developers looking to get access to more eyeballs for in-app advertising should look towards Google’s Play Store. According to the firm’s App Interrogator research, Apple’s […]

75,000 Windows Phone Apps Published In 2012, Microsoft Says

Windows Phone 8 apps

In its efforts to compete against Apple and Google, Microsoft published a total of 75,000 apps and games for Windows Phone in 2012. Microsoft announced the number, as well as a number of other stats, in its Windows Phone Developer Blog this week. In addition to the 75,000 apps the company certified and published there […]