Windows Phone Continues App Winning Streak, Scores MLB At Bat 2013

MLB at bat 13

With arrival of MLB’s At Bat 13, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has just scored another big win in the application availability department. Starting today, users can download Major League Baseball’s premiere guide for free in the Windows Phone Store. Perspective users will need to move though, as the application’s description does note that it’ll only be […]

Nokia Adding SMS Filtering and Call Blocking to Lumia Windows Phones

A screenshot of the new calling and SMS blocking features from Windows Phone Central.

According to Windows Phone Central, a new update to the settings application for Nokia Lumia users adds the ability call and message blocking lists. With the features Windows Phone users can finally block the numbers responsible for sending them unwanted media messages and sales calls. Unfortunately, the application update requires that the Lumia Windows Phone […]

As Bing Apps Arrive and Windows Phone Sales Thrive, the iPhone Stalls

Just as Microsoft is announcing new Bing Apps meant to bolster the user experience on its mobile platform, new market share numbers seem to indicate that Windows Phone is finally starting to affect one of the biggest players in the smartphone market: Apple. The additions to the Windows Phone Store were detailed today on the […]

ESPN Fantasy Football Drops Nokia Exclusivity, Highlights Problem

espn fantasy football

Windows Phone users all now have access to the ESPN Fantasy Football application that made its way to some Windows Phone users a while ago. Starting immediately, every single Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 user will be able to log into their ESPN Fantasy Football account and manage their roster of players and […]

How To Install Applications on Windows Phone 8

Verizon Windows Phone 8 phones

Microsoft put a heavy emphasis on integrating functionality into its Windows Phone operating system. But just like as with iOS and Android, applications are the easiest way to add functionality that simply isn’t built into to the operating system. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install applications on Windows Phone. It’s important to remember […]

Instagram Blocking Third-Party Instagram Replacements on Windows Phone

Instagram for Android Update Brings New Feature

Following a night filled with reports that users of the third-party Windows Phone Instagram client Instance couldn’t post their photos, the developer of the application is now confirming that the social network is actively blocking photo uploads from the application. According to a tweet by Daniel Gary, the developer of Instance, “evidently Instagram has little […]

Nokia’s Greatest Obstacle with Windows Phone 8: Microsoft

The Nokia Lumia 920

Comments made by a Nokia executive highlight one of the biggest obstacles facing Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8: Microsoft itself. At least that is the sentiment coming from Nokia. During an interview for the International Business Times, Nokia vice president Bryan Biniak shared his expectations for the platform, along with his feelings on things that are holding […]

Three Camera Features Sorely Missing From the Lumia 1020


It’s been almost a week since my review unit of the Nokia Lumia 1020 came in, and as impressed as I’ve been by what Nokia has done with its astounding 41-megapixel camera sensor, there are still three major features that have been omitted from the camera that may may limit the appeal of the Windows […]

How to Turn Off Picture Geotagging on Windows Phone 8


Though most users don’t know it, their Windows Phone 8 device is actually collecting information about them when they take photos and videos. Here’s how to turn off picture geotagging on Windows Phone 8, and why you might want to do so. By default, Windows Phone’s camera application uses geotagging technology to automatically attach the […]

Hipstamatic Oggl Brings More Instagram Support to Windows Phone


Windows Phone might not have an official Instagram application, but the platform has at least scored another high-profile application that supports uploading to Instagram. Starting today, all Windows Phone users can download the Hipstmatic OGGL application in two slightly different versions. The first version of the application is available to all Windows Phone users for […]

Nokia Already Has An Update to Pro Camera App for Lumia 1020 [Updated]


Late Thursday ahead of the Friday official availability of the PureView flagship Lumia 1020 smartphone, Nokia had already issued a software update for its Pro Camera app, which allows finer creative controls in the photography process. The much lauded Pro Camera app brings DSLR-style controls to the 41-megapixel point-and-shoot smartphone camera, and it does a […]

Nokia Lumia 1020 Back In Stock and Ready for Orders at AT&T


After it was offered for pre-order, Nokia’s 41-megapixel packed Lumia 1020 quickly sold out on AT&T. The phone will officially be available today, and AT&T will have inventory in retail stores and its website is now listing the Lumia 1020 as being in stock. The phone retails for $299.99 with a two-year service agreement and […]

Nokia Lumia 1020 Review: The Camera Phone King


After much hype and anticipation, Nokia introduced the Lumia 1020 with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm, and the Windows Phone 8 device doesn’t disappoint. In the days surrounding the announcement of Nokia’s 41-megapixel camera phone, the company dominated the conversations on Twitter and framed the dialogue around a new experience with zoom on a […]

Windows Phone Lead Responds to User Calls for Action, Sort Of

Windows Phone 8 Skype

Despite an attempt at being more transparent, comments made by Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore might have done more to harm than good to the Windows Phone development team. Belfiore’s comments came in response to a post by Windows Phone user Tung Ha, entitled “We need Microsoft to listen to our ideas and DO something”. In the […]

Nokia Teases “Big” Announcement Tomorrow. Is it The Nokia Lumia 625?

nokia big announcement

According to a new post at Nokia Conversations (the company blog), Nokia is preparing to announce something “BIG” tomorrow morning. It’s possible that it’ll be the phablet-sized Nokia Lumia 625 that leaked last week. The declaration came this morning, with the headline “Something BIG landing here tomorrow.” Unfortunately, the company didn’t provide any further details in the post […]

Windows Phone 8: 5 Ecosystem Advantages Poising it For Future Success


When Microsoft announced that it would be starting all over with Windows Phone 8, many users wondered how the company would position its smartphone operating system as an alternative to iOS and Android. Businesses wondered if this would finally be the operating system that gave them a way to easily enable workers to use their […]

Lumia 1020 Comes With 50GB of Free Storage for Super-Sized Photos


As part of its Nokia Lumia 1020 launch, AT&T will give users 50GB of cloud storage on its AT&T Locker service. From their device, users will be able to activate their 50GB subscription when their Nokia Lumia 1020 arrives. AT&T previously announced that it would be shipping the Lumia 1020 to users starting July 26th. Since […]

Eye-Popping, Wallet-Lightening Lumia 1020 Now Available for Pre-Order

Nokia's Lumia 1020 and other Windows Phones will get enhanced Glance features as a part of the Lumia Black update.

Photography inclined AT&T users can now pre-order the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel rear-facing camera. The Lumia 1020  won’t come cheap. True to the device’s announcement last week, the Lumia 1020 will cost users $299.99 with a two-year service agreement, and $549 with a one-year service agreement. Users looking to pick up the […]