AT&T-Bound Nokia Lumia Tab to Improve on Surface RT Design


We’re beginning to learn more about Nokia’s foray into the Windows tablet market with its own Lumia-branded tablet. It’s been long rumored that Nokia is working on a tablet, and early reports suggested that the slate will come with a detachable keyboard cover similar to the one offered by Microsoft with its Surface RT and […]

Nokia Windows Tablet Coming End of September, Lumia Phablet Beginning of November?


An alleged roadmap for Nokia’s upcoming product announcements was leaked and suggests that the Finnish-based Windows Phone smartphone-maker will release a tablet for AT&T’s 4G LTE network at the end of September and a new Lumia-based Windows Phone phablet in the beginning of November. The information was published by Nokia Power User, though the site did […]

NVIDIA Confirms Surface 2 Plans for Microsoft


It looks like NVIDIA and Microsoft may be back together again as NVIDIA has just confirmed it will be working on a second generation Surface RT tablet. In an interview with CNET, NVIDIA head Jen-Hsun Huang said that his company is “working really hard” on a Surface 2 tablet and hopes that the new slate […]

Asus: Windows RT Results Not Promising

The Asus VivoTAB RT

Remarks made by Asus don’t leave any room for misinterpretation: Windows RT has not been successful for them. The comments, which came during an interview with AllThingsD, paint an increasingly worrisome picture for Windows RT, Microsoft’s most direct answer to enabling its hardware partners to create iPad competitors. As machines running a traditional version of […]

Microsoft May Have Just Hit a Sweet Spot With the Surface Tablet


Despite customer confusion between the Windows RT and Windows 8 version of the operating system and accompanying hardware, lackluster sales, and heavy competition from Apple and Google’s Android, Microsoft may have finally found a sweet spot with its Surface RT tablets. Due to slow sales and what some would call underwhelming demand for its Surface […]

3 Reasons the Surface RT Shouldn’t Have Lost A Billion Dollars


Microsoft’s announcement that it would take a write down on the Surface RT stock it had remaining in warehouses sent shock waves through the industry. Almost instantly, users who didn’t own a Surface RT, and never intended on getting one in the first place, questioned if the Windows RT operating system that the device runs […]

Microsoft Bets Big on Surface RT And Loses Big


In a big gamble on entering both the hardware space and the competitive tablet market with Surface RT (reviewed) and Windows RT, Microsoft announced in its earnings call that it had lost nearly $1 billion as part of that investment. The company reported that it has written off a $900 million loss this quarter alone related […]

Microsoft to Add to Confusion and Make Multiple Variants of Surface RT Tablets?


It looks like upcoming versions of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, a slate computing device that runs the company’s ARM-based Windows RT operating system, may come in multiple different variants supporting multiple processors. While the initial Surface RT that’s still being sold today is shipping exclusively with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor, a future version of the […]

Office in More Places, Outlook Coming to Windows RT Devices

outlook logo

Windows RT users will get a new way to manage their contacts, check email and monitor their upcoming event calendar when they update to Windows 8.1 this year thanks to Outlook 2013. The announcement, which capped off festivities at Microsoft’s TechEd event for IT administrators and business users, means that any tablet powered by Microsoft […]

Microsoft Cutting Costs of Windows RT to Compete with the iPad


Microsoft may be preparing to lower the cost its hardware partners pay to ship devices running Windows 8 in an effort to better compete with the tablet offerings of other companies. According to Bloomberg, sources they spoke with indicate that Microsoft is preparing to significantly lower the price companies like Dell, Lenovo and HP pay […]

Microsoft Attacks iPad With New Comparison Tool

MS iPad Siri Ad

Just a week after debuting a new advertisement directly comparing Windows 8 tablets to the iPad, Microsoft has added a new comparison site that breaks down the features of popular Windows 8 tablets vs. the iPad. The site, which is available right now at, puts the specifications of the iPad against the ASUS VivoTab […]

Microsoft Details Windows 8.1 Features

Windows 8.1

Microsoft will add a huge array of new features designed to let users customize their devices with Windows 8.1, the company’s upcoming update for devices running Windows 8. The features, which were detailed today on Blogging Windows¸ encompass practically the entire user experience of Windows 8 and seem to be designed to aim right at […]

Dell Cuts the Price of XPS 10, May Indicate Weak Demand for Windows RT

Dell XPS 10

Dell is moving to aggressively lower the price of its Windows RT based tablet, the Dell XPS 10, possibly creating the defacto-entry point for those interested in purchasing a Windows RT tablet with modest specs. It seems the company has temporarily marked down the price of the XPS 10 on its website to an entry […]

Nokia Exec Hints at Tablets


Being the lone smartphone-maker without a tablet release, Nokia is under pressure to release a tablet. At a press event yesterday to unveil the Nokia Lumia 925 flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, Nokia went on record to say that it is still very much interested in crafting a tablet, but offered very little details. Executive […]

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Is A Free Update To Windows 8


Today Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8.1, formerly known as Windows Blue, will come to all Windows 8 users as a free update. Windows 8.1 will come to Windows 8 and Windows RT users as an update through the Windows Store sometime later this year. Microsoft will release a public preview of the update on June […]

Analysts Increasingly Pessimistic With Future of Windows RT

Windows RT Logo

The future of Microsoft’s tablet-oriented Windows RT operating system is still in question despite Microsoft’s continued optimism for the platform. Analysts are questioning the future of Windows RT based on the confusion created by Windows RT, pricing of the OS to OEMs for licensing, and increased competition from Intel’s new Bay Trail Atom processor that […]

NVIDIA Will Continue Supporting Windows RT with Tegra 4 Devices


NVIDIA will continue its support of Microsoft’s Windows RT, Microsoft’s lightweight operating system for devices that use ARM processors. That’s according to an executive who spoke to ComputerWorld about the direction the company thinks computing is going, a direction that includes a market shift towards Windows RT tablets in the future. “NVIDIA is very invested […]

HTC Allegedly Introducing Windows RT Tablets this Fall


HTC could be preparing two Windows RT tablets for release later this year. According to a single source who talked to PhoneArena, HTC is working on two Windows RT based tablets codenamed R7 and R12. The HTC R7 would be a 7-inch Windows RT tablet that would contain a 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 […]

Acer Sees No Reason to Use Windows RT

Dell XPS 10

According to Acer CEO JT Wong, the company currently sees no reason to create devices using Microsoft’s Windows RT. In an interview with PCWorld, Wong expanded on this view: “The plan for an [Windows] RT tablet is ongoing”. He then continued, “To be honest, there’s no value doing the current version of [Windows] RT”. Windows […]

Samsung Expands ATIV Branding to Cover All Windows Products

Samsung ATIV Family Product Image

Samsung has officially unveiled its plans to expand the ATIV branding to cover all products built on Microsoft’s Windows platform. Initially, the company had introduced the Windows Phone 8-powered ATIV S and the ATIV Smart PC, ATIV Smart PC Pro, and ATIV Tab tablets based on Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms. Now, the […]