HP to Focus on Business Windows 8 Tablets, Scraps Windows RT ARM Slate Plans


Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that it has shelved plans for releasing a consumer-focused Windows RT tablet that will run on Qualcomm’s ARM-based processor and instead will be focusing its efforts on a business-centric slate running Intel’s x86 architecture.”I can confirm that at HP, we continue to look at using ARM processors in business and consumer products,” […]

Microsoft Could Win It All With Surface

Surface by Microsoft

With their big Surface tablet reveal, Microsoft has taken a sharp turn in their Windows strategy, putting the company in direct competition with their hardware partners. Here’s why it had to happen and how it might help not hurt relations.

Microsoft Reportedly Cut Off HTC From Windows 8

HTC Shift of yore

It looks like the once crown jewel of the smartphone space with rapidly rising sales figure is finding no relief recently with stagnant sales and profit losses. After warning investors of a bleak financial quarter as the HTC One X has seen weaker than anticipated sales in Europe and a rough launch in the U.S. […]

AMD Demos Prototype Windows 8 Slate


While there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Intel’s and ARM’s chipset architecture on Windows 8 tablets, there has been little mention of AMD for Microsoft’s forthcoming platform that’s slated to debut this fall. At Computex this year, AMD is taking the opportunity to show off more of its wares and has shown off […]

Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC Combines Ultrabook, Tablet Concept


After Acer and Asus had unveiled their Windows 8 tablets with keyboard docks–a design that became popular with Asus’ Android-powered Transformer slates–Samsung took the stage at Computex to ready its own design of the same concept. Samsung is using magnets to secure the tablet to the keyboard dock, and like rivals Asus and Acer, the […]

Nokia Already Working on Windows 8 Tablet?


In addition to working with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 on its smartphone lineup, Nokia is said to have already begun work on developing a Windows 8 tablet running Microsoft’s desktop OS that borrows a lot of visual design elements from the Windows Phone 7 OS. According to Russian tech blogger and famed Nokia leaker […]

Microsoft Outlines Sensor Support on Windows 8


Microsoft had just outlined plans for supporting various types of sensors in Windows 8, which will also be available in tablet format to compete with consumer tablets running on Android or the iOS mobile operating systems. As such, sensors will not only help to add to the user experience of Windows 8 slates, but as […]

Motion Computing Talks Enterprise Tablets and Productivity

Motion CL900 Tablet

AT CES 2012 we caught up with Mike Stinson, the Vice President of Marketing for Motion Computing, a Tablet PC manufacturer known for rugged and work¬†friendly¬†tablets. We’ve looked at how company’s like SAP are expanding tools and deploying Android tablets and the iPad into the Enterprise segment, but sometimes a consumer tablet just won’t cut […]

2012 Nokia Rumors: Tango, Apollo, Windows 8 Tablet Launch Dates


In what is reported as a tip to Nokia-centric blog My Nokia Blog, Nokia has an expansive product launch schedule for 2012 spanning both smartphones and tablets. The company had recently unveiled two debut Windows Phone smartphones at the Nokia World convention in October, and is presumably hard at work to introduce other devices in […]

Gigabyte Announces Booktop T1132N Convertible Tablet PC


While consumer interest has recently shifted in favor of slates, Gigabyte still has convertible tablet lovers covered with its latest Booktop T1132N. Unfortunately, though, pricing isn’t available at this time, but the T1132N should prove to be a portable, productive chameleon tablet that can change form factors depending on how you want to use your […]

HTC Eyeing New Tablets, Emerging Markets for Phones


In a briefing with media, HTC CEO Peter Chou says that the company is looking to eye the tablet market but wants to stand out from the crowded space. The company is also looking to enter the entry-level smartphone market as well, but says that its strategy would not endanger its premium brand image. For […]

HP Dumping webOS for Windows Tablet, Launching Slate 2


After lukewarm success with the Slate 500 to the enterprise market, it was believed that HP would be putting all of its efforts into webOS to make the TouchPad a success. However, given that the well received webOS software has not gained traction in the marketplace, it appears that HP is reversing course and is […]

Long Live HP’s TouchPad…With Windows 8!?


HP’s TouchPad was officially declared dead in late summer when the company ran a fire sale and had listed the tablet for just $99, putting the fate of its much lauded webOS operating system, acquired along with Palm, in question. However, the TouchPad hardware itself may not be dead after all, and its fate may […]

Dell Latitude ST Could Arrive First of November


Just received a tip from Giacomo at il Tablet PC Italico that Dell will launch a new Windows 7 slate next month, dubbed the Latitude ST. He’s not at liberty to share specs, but previous leaks have us covered on that. Maybe.

CTIA Fall 2011: Kupa X11 Tablet with Atom, Digitizer, Windows 7/8


Kupa’s X11 tablet with Windows 7–and Windows 8 preview–was a surprise entry in San Diego at the CTIA trade show as it was surrounded by a number of Android tablets. That said, Kupa’s X11 runs on an Intel Atom processor and utilizes a fan design to aid with cooling. The device has a metal back […]