Newsstand: Are You Reading More Magazines on iOS 5?


One of the new features in iOS 5 is the Newsstand. This new folder sits on your home screen, and brings your digital magazine and news subscriptions front and center. While not as sexy as the notification center or Siri, Newstand is helping publishers sell more subscriptions. Conde Nast reports that subscriptions jumped 248% for […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps – Summer Apps [June 2011]

hulu Plus for iPad

Now that summer is officially in full swing, we thought we’d bring you the best apps for using while travelling this summer. We chose the categories below because they would be useful while on a road trip, waiting for a plane or in a hotel room. You can read, watch video, or play a couple […]

How Apple Almost Killed Magazine Subscription Deals

The Magazine is dead. Long live the blog.

When Apple announced in app purchases back in February, the company announced a set of harsh rules for in app subscriptions, specifically regarding the price that publishers could charge for their products and services. Under this policy, the magazine deals that we had come to enjoy were as good as dead because publishers couldn’t afford […]

Wired May iPad Issue Free for the Month [Deal]

May wired free

If you have been curious to see what an iPad magazine looks like, this is your lucky month. The May issue of Wired is available for free thanks to a sponsorship from Adobe. You can download the Wired app from the App Store and then select the May issue from within the app. The price is free, a discount of the […]

Wired’s Tablet App is Impressive and Raises Questions

Wired Tablet App

Wired has demoed an application for a Tablet that is running on Adobe AIR and yes it is demoed running on a Tablet. Publishers are certainly hoping this kind of effort is the future and that they will figure out a way to entice us all to pay for these things. The jury is still […]