Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb Appears for $60, Release in Weeks


The long-awaited Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb accessory, which was debuted alongside the Nexus 4 back in November but has yet to make it to shelves, has appeared at an online retailer with a $59.99 price tag. The device, however, remains out of the reach of customers and could remain that way until next month. […]

Where is the Nexus 4 Wireless Charging Orb?


On October 29th, Google announced a host of new Nexus devices including the Nexus 10 tablet, the Nexus 7 with cellular data and of course, the Nexus 4 smartphone. The company also announced something else that day, something called the Wireless Charging Orb, an intriguing wireless charger for the Nexus 4. Oddly enough though, since […]