Nokia Lumia 920 Accessories Focus on Wireless Charging & Music

Nokia Lumia 920 JBL Power Up

Today Nokia announced its new flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920, but no flagship announcement is complete without accessories, and Nokia has a few interesting ones. During its launch announcement Nokia focused on accessories that highlight the feature of the smartphone’s features. While other companies will announce covers or cases for new smartphones, Nokia focused an […]

New Wireless Charging Pad Leaked for Nokia Lumia 820, 920


It looks like the leaked Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphones that will be announced this week in New York City will get some cool wireless charging accessories. Newly leaked red wireless charging pads from @evleaks suggest that these wireless charging pads may be optional accessories and will likely come in the […]

Dodge Dart to Debut With Wireless Charging for Your Mobile


Chrysler is hoping to be first out of the gate with a consumer solution for in-vehicle wireless charging. The feature, which will cost $200 plus the cost of installation, will be available as an option on select year 2013 Dodge Dart automobiles. The aim of the optional add-on is to make it easier for users […]

Galaxy S III Rumored to Have Yet Another Killer Feature

Galaxy S III

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III is already rumored to be an absolute beast of a smartphone and just when we thought the rumors couldn’t get any better, they have. A report from DDaily claims that Samsung’s upcoming flagship is going to feature wireless charging from up to two meters away. The best part? It’s […]

GottaBeFunded: SolMate Solar Power Inductive Charging iPhone Case

SolMate iPhone case

Imagine an iPhone case that charges your phone with solar power, is compatible with industry standard wireless charging and looks good while protecting your iPhone. If that sounds like your kind of case, the SolMate iPhone case is a KickStarter project you should back right now, before the backing closes and you have to wait […]

Verizon Offers Wireless Charging Option for Motorola Droid 4

Motorola Droid 4 Wireless Charging Cover

While the Motorla Droid 4 is essentially a Droid RAZR with a slightly smaller screen and a physical keyboard, it does have an extra feature that Verizon hasn’t spent much time talking about. The Droid 4 has an option to charge wirelessly via inductive charging, as long as you’re not afraid to spend some extra […]

What’s Your iPhone 5 Wishlist?

Possible iPhone 5 Mockup

The iPhone 5 release date is still unknown, but as the wait continues, we have a better idea about what to expect from the next iPhone. Despite the rumors, we all have our own wishlist of iPhone 5 features and specs. While we all try to hang in there for an official announcement, I invite […]

Apple Patents Point to MagSafe iPad Connections

iPad Magsafe Patent

Apple may be adding the magsafe connection, found on Apple notebooks, to the iPad in future versions. Patents found by Patently Apple revealed this news and a patent win for touch sensitive technology that helped set the iPhone and iPad apart from the rest of the pack. Apple routinely files patents in order to protect innovations, an […]

I Want Qi Inductive Charging WPC Lab Certification In All My Gadgets


The Wireless Power Consortium launched an independent testing lab so that your future iPhone or Android phone might truly become wireless, even when you charge the device. I can’t wait for inductive charging to become the norm, rather than a futuristic dream for all of my gadgets. The new lab provides an independent third-party to […]

Future iPhones May Charge Faster, Without Wires

iPhone wireless charging

Apple is already working hard to cut the cord between your iPhone and your computer with iOS 5, but that’s nothing compared to what we might see on when new iPhone models arrive in 2012. Details are scarce, but we believe Apple may be working on wireless or express charging for future iPhone models. We are still covering […]

TI Makes Qi Wireless Charging Chips Smaller


Texas Instruments is making its Qi-compatible wireless charging chips smaller. According to the company, the chips are 80 percent smaller than the current generation chipsets and this would help to make wireless charging a feature on various consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, portable gaming consoles, tablets, and other gadgets. Here are some of […]

Lose the Wires with the LG WCP-700 Wireless Charging Pad

WCP-700 Wireless Charging Pad 1

Amidst the many announcements about new phone releases and platform updates from CTIA, the LG WCP-700 Wireless Charging Pad is easy to miss. The new phone charging product from LG promises to help users lose the wires with a variety of innovative features. The device looks like sleek addition to any mobile set-up and comes […]

LG Revolution Gets Fulton Qi Inductive Wireless Charging Back Cover


At Mobile World Congress, Fulton was showing off its inductive wireless charging solution, which will be inter-operable with other devices thanks to its reliance on the Qi wireless charging standard introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium. Handset makers such as Motorola, LG, and HTC have all signed on, so if you have a Motorola phone […]

Why Universal is the Best Thing to Hit Mobile, and Where It Needs To Go


Friday, in a small hospital in Northwest Ohio something amazing happened. It’s not a new treatment for some illness, but it is something that just 2 years ago would have been impossible — I grabbed the charger for my Motorola Droid to charge up my mom’s LG feature phone. Rather than use the proprietary connectors […]

Wireless charging set to take off, are you on board?


Market research firm iSuppli (via Slashgear) claims the wireless charging market is set to expand by a factor of 65 by 2014 with more than 200M units shipping by then. Are you charged up about the possibility, or is that too early to cut the cord?

Palm Pre Touchstone makes a great car mount


Personally, I don’t think the current state of wireless chargers are really worthwhile. Placing your device on another device seems no more convenient to me than plugging it in to another device, or at least not worth the extra cost. However, this hack turning a Palm Pre Touchstone charger into a magnetic car mount has […]

Dell Releases the Latitude Z with Wireless Charging


Dell is getting into the wireless charging and wireless connectivity business with the release of the Latitude Z. The Z comes with a magnetic inductive stand that works with the power coils in the base of the notebook to charge the device up, supposedly in the same amount of time as it would if the […]