Women Outpace Men In Digital Habits, Buying and Engagement

Likelihood of Purchasing CE Devices: men vs. Women Q4 2011

The old stereotype that women are less engaged with technology than men is just that: a stereotype. And, according to research by Parks Associates consultants, untrue. Not only do women engage more online, they’re also more likely than men to buy “hot” tech products and use them for sharing and consuming media. The study says that once women buy a product, be it a smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop, they become heavy users. Not just of the “practical” aspects of the device, but utilizing all of the features available.

Sense UI Gets Revamped on HTC Bliss Lock Screen


It looks like the HTC Bliss will get a new version of the HTC Sense user interface, which will be a refinement of the most current Sense UI that’s found on flagships like the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC EVO 3D smartphones. The new lockscreen UI has been uncovered by XDA.cn and depicts a […]

HTC Bliss: New Leaked Images of the Droidette Emerge


Leaked images of the HTC Bliss–or what we lovingly refer to as the ‘Droidette’–smartphone have begun to surface. The HTC Bliss is a codename for a smartphone that HTC and Verizon are rumored to be developing that would target the female demographics. The HTC Bliss will be an Android smartphone that will be targeted at […]