Moto X in Walnut: Hands-On With a Piece of Art


After months of waiting Motorola is finally ready to start mass producing smartphones made of wood. Yes, the Moto X is available today with an option for a Bamboo back, but now Walnut, Ebony, and Teak finishes are coming January 21st. It first launched with 18 colors and accent options, but now we have a […]

Moto X Wood Backs Now $25 in Four Flavors

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 9.41.44 AM

Motorola has been busy with a few new smartphones full of customization options, and one in particular is the Moto X. The company offers nearly 18 different colors to choose from, all for free, and previously a Bamboo wood (ok, Grass) option for an additional $100, but today we have good news. This morning Motorola […]

ADzero Bamboo Android Phone Offers Natural Charm, Eco-Friendly Stature


Once a concept of Middsex University design student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, the bamboo-clad Android smartphone design will soon be commercialized as the ADzero phone. Rather than plastics, metals, or other materials, the ADzero phone features a natural bloc of bamboo wood back, which helps to add charm to the device as no two phones will be […]