Nokia Announces A Collection of New Lumia Apps

Camera Extras

Nokia remains committed to creating new apps for its Lumia customers, and today the company announced three new exclusive Lumia apps, and two timed-exclusive apps. Nokia showed off some of the apps on stage at the Windows Phone 8 announcement, but also detailed the apps on its Nokia Conversations blog. The first big app from […]

Audible, Zynga Games Finally Coming to Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8

A few of the big apps missing from Windows Phone are finally coming to the platform. During its Windows Phone 8 announcement, Microsoft announced that key apps like Audible, Words With Friends, and NOVA 3 will finally come to the platform. One of those apps, Audible, is actually available in the Windows Phone Marketplace right […]

Five Older iPhone Games That Are Still Great

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja recently celebrated its second anniversary of being in the App Store. For such a young platform, that’s quite a long time. Hearing about how long Fruit Ninja has been around made us think of all the other games that we still enjoy on our iPhones (and now iPads) that were around for at […]

Zynga Buys Draw Something Developer OMGPOP for $200 Million

Draw Something

OMGPOP, the studio behind the hit Draw Something game, is now a Zynga company. The New York City-based developer will join Newtoy (creators of Word With Friends) in the club of app developers with hit games that Zynga bought. According to All Things D, Zynga purchased OMGPOP for around $200 million. First-hand sources say the […]

Words With Friends Makes Its Glorious Return to Android Honeycomb

Words With Friends for Android

A few weeks ago we told you that Words With Friends had lost support, without any sort of clear explanation, on devices running Android Honeycomb. Well, it appears that that was because the folks at Zynga were working on an update to the buggy application, an update that is now available in the Android Market. […]

Words With Friends Loses Support for Android Honeycomb

Words With Friends

While the details surrounding this remain murky, we can confirm that the popular Scrabble-like game,  Words With Friends, is no longer available on the Android Market for Android Honeycomb devices. And the interesting part is, Zynga’s support team apparently has no idea what’s going on. AndroidPolice first reported on the disappearance earlier today and one […]