How the iPad Saves Time & Money for One Small Business (Video)


The iPad is a great tool for small businesses, but it’s not just the new iPad that’s saving time and money. I caught up with a small business owner who has used the original iPad to take inventory at his coffee shop. Phil Zimmerly of Common Grounds in Bluffton, Ohio took time out of his […]

Corning Visualizes Our Glass Future: Tablets & Huge Displays (Video)

Augmented Reality Transparent Tablet

You might know Corning for their Gorilla Glass and Gorilla Glass 2 that provide great durability to your smartphone and tablet displays, but Corning makes much more than tablet glass. In this new video, Corning envisions the future, specifically the role smart glass will have in your day-to-day life. In A Day Made of Glass […]

Cyber Monday Shopping Could Cost You Your Job, Shop Mobile Instead

Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping at work

Cyber Monday is one of the most popular online shopping “holidays” of the year, and right now most of the American workforce is starting their holiday shopping on company time. While this trend is increasing, there are consequences, with 7% of HR managers reporting that they have fired an employee for shopping while working. If […]

How to Make Siri Remember Where You Live and Work

Teach Siri Where You Live and Work

Siri, the new personal assistant app for the iPhone 4S is pretty amazing, but lately, I found that she is slacking. After teaching Siri a number of locations and using location based reminders, Siri forgot where I lived. The address was there in my contact card, but Siri kept telling me, I don’t know where your home […]

EBeam Turns Your Table Into an Interactive Surface

ebeam table

The small size of tablets make them great for portability, but horrible for working on a project with multiple team members gathered around a table. If you’ve ever wished to be able to turn a tabe into an interactive surface that allows a group of individuals to work on a project together, you need to […]

10 Ways to Fight Desk Job Death & Stay Active at Work

no sitting

A new study of how Americans work shows that as we have made the move to desk jobs we have become less active, leading to obesity and other health issues. The study found that 80% of jobs are classified as sedentary, compared to 50% in 1960. At the heart of the issue is a drop in […]

VMware Demonstrates Virtualization on an Android Smartphone


At Mobile World Congress, VMware was demonstrating its virtualization technology on an Android smartphone, which allows multiple smartphone operating systems to be run simultaneously at the same time, not to be confused with a dual-boot solution that boots into either operating system separately. This will allow users to have their personal smartphone also serve as […]