HTC Eternity and HTC Omega Windows Mango Phones Get Fully Detailed

HTC Omega

We’ve heard about both the HTC Eternity aka HTC Titan and the HTC Omega before. In fact, the HTC Omega aka HTC Radar has already graced us with its presence in front of the camera. But today, courtesy of (1,2), we have our first in-depth look at the specifications of two Windows Phone Mango […]

Windows Phone Mango September 1st Release Date ‘Just A Rumor’

Joe Belifiore

Much like Samsung did with their rumored devices that popped up yesterday, Microsoft is going public with a denial about that rumored September 1st release date for their upcoming software, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. If you recall, several sources had pegged September 1st as the launch date of Mango which stirred up much excitement amongst […]

Windows Phone Mango Release Date Pegged for September 1st

Windows Phone Mango

Before today, all we had heard about a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release date was ‘fall’. That seasonal window of course was given to use by Microsoft itself so we’ve been waiting and digging for some kind of specific release date for Redmond’s latest and greatest software. Well, according to Pocket-lint, Microsoft is going to […]

Samsung’s First Windows Phone Mango Handset Revealed?

Ominia 7

For those of you that have been waiting to hear about Samsung-made Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handsets, you’ll be happy to know that a potential candidate for the first Samsung Mango device has been outed by HDBlog. Unfortunately, that’s where your happiness is probably going to turn into downright anger because it appears that this […]

Nokia Unveiling First Windows Phone on August 17th?

Nokia and Microsoft Event

It seems Microsoft and Nokia have a joint party planned for August the 17th and speculation has them possibly announcing the first Nokia-made Windows Phone at the event. The Unwired has revealed the invitation for the party, set to take place in Cologne, Germany where the companies plan on raffling off three Xbox consoles as […]

Windows Phone Mango Twitter Integration Gets Demoed (Video)

Windows Phone Mango with Twitter

We know that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is done, Microsoft has sent it off to manufacturers, so now all we’re left to do is sit around and wait for it arrive OTA to old hardware and on shelves within new hardware. Unfortunately, an exact date is unknown which means that all we can do is […]

Dell Rolls Out Update to Fix Venue Pro WiFi Issues


Dell is now starting to roll out a software update for its debut Windows Phone 7 Venue Pro smartphone to fix WiFi issues on that handset. Dell says that the update will first hit the T-Mobile USA edition of the Venue Pro, followed by other markets. At this time, though, Dell isn’t saying anything about […]

Microsoft to Begin Taking Windows Phone Mango App Submissions Next Month


It’s still unclear when the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 will officially hit for various first-generation Windows Phone hardware, but Microsoft is at least telling developers that they will begin taking app submissions for Windows Marketplace approval beginning August, suggesting that the software update for the platform is coming soon. With Windows Phone Mango, […]

Nokia Sea Ray Prototype Caught Running Windows Phone 7 (Video)

Nokia Sea Ray

This isn’t the first time that Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phone, code name Sea Ray, has leaked out but it’s certainly our best look at the phone yet. Keep in mind that this is a prototype so it’s possible that what you see here might never hit shelves but boy, we really hope […]

Fujitsu to Release the World’s First Windows Phone Mango Smartphone?


Despite Microsoft’s newly formed high profile relationship with Finnish phone-maker Nokia, it appears that Fujitsu will be the one to debut Windows Phone 7 on its newly minted hardware. Since Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference in Los Angeles, California, the Fujitsu-made magenta hued smartphone with its waterproof coating has attracted a fair amount of attention, and […]

Despite Small Sales, Microsoft Re-Affirms Commitment to Windows Phone


CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft re-affirms his company’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform during a keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, California. Though the CEO had admitted that the platform, which was re-tooled less than a year ago, only achieved a small market share, Ballmer remains optimistic about the prospect of […]

Ballmer: Windows Phone Mango Devices ‘Coming This Christmas’


With the preview of the Windows Phone 7 Mango software update, Microsoft had stated that the update will be available by Fall, and Mango could still make the cut as an update for existing devices. However, it seems that new, second-generation devices won’t be hitting the market until Christmas, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango Restores State, Offers Instant Resume in Multitasking


Developers who have access to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Mango software update are noticing some new multitasking features. Now, Windows Phone 7, which was criticized at the time of release for not coming with robust multitasking, can resume apps after you close them instantly. The OS, which was shown in a video by WMPU, highlights […]

More Evidence for Front-Facing Camera in Windows Phone 7


Microsoft may be secretly building support for front-facing cameras with the next iteration of Windows Phone 7 hardware that will be released with the Mango update pre-loaded, and there’s been more evidence to support Microsoft’s plans to build in video chat to its mobile platform. In the first beta of the Mango developer tools, there […]

HTC Eternity Windows Phone with 4.7-Inch Display Revealed (Image)

HTC Eternity

If you’ve been looking for a Windows Phone 7 handset different from all the other Windows Phone 7 handsets, the freshly leaked HTC Eternity is probably going to be right up your alley. We had heard about it back in May but that leak was light on the details. Today though we have a good […]

Custom and Homemade Ringtones to Come with Windows Phone 7 Mango Update

Custom ringtones will appear in Settings, under a new Custom heading

Windows Phone 7 owners will soon be able to get custom and homemade ringtones when the Mango software update lands. According to Microsoft, you’ll be able to create 39-second ringtone files from any files, and the company is opening the possibility up to app developers to create features to allow users to easily create ringtones […]

Windows Phone 7 to Have Button-Less Design with Mango Update?


The leaked images of Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 prototype revealed a curious fact–that device lacked the three hardware buttons that were required by Microsoft at the time that Windows Phone 7 debuted–Windows, back, and search. At the time of the leak, it was thought that Nokia had special access and privilege to modify […]

Nokia’s First Windows Phone Gets Revealed (Video)

Nokia Windows Phone

Stephen Elop didn’t want this ending up on the blogosphere but sure enough, here it is. It appears Elop has leaked out a device that may or may not be the company’s first Windows Phone and it looks to be very similar to the MeeGo powered N9 that was announced just a short time ago. […]

Nokia Windows Phone Launching October 26th?

Nokia Windows Phone

In addition to launching the MeeGo powered N9 smartphone today, Nokia also announced the official dates of its annual Nokia World conference that will be starting on October 26th in London. That of course now makes October 26th the popular day for a Windows Phone 7 announcement. We know that Nokia is prepping its first […]

First Nokia Windows Phone to Feature QWERTY Design?


A Nokia Windows Phone with a QWERTY design might not be exactly what you had in mind when you heard that the handset was going to “blow your socks off,” but it looks like Nokia might be working on that very thing for one of its first Windows Phone 7 handsets According to ShinyShiny, a […]