Angry Birds and Windows Phone 7?


Whoops. Most of us probably didn’t even catch it, but it seems as if Microsoft added an Angry Birds icon to one of their websites and the developer wasn’t too thrilled. Rovio Mobile tweeted today that they have not committed to making a Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds. According to TechFlash, Microsoft pulled […]

Windows Phone 7 launches October 11th in New York


There have been plenty of rumors and plenty of speculation on when and where Windows Phone 7 will launch. To be honest, we know it’s coming and the guess work has pretty much be removed with all these leaks. The hype of Windows Phone 7 has turned these dates and location leaks into pretty hot […]

Will Windows Phone 7 be exclusive to AT&T initially ?


There is no secret that AT&T is one of Microsoft’s biggest launch partners for Windows Phone 7, but exclusive? That is what is being reported by the Wall Street Journal today. The article details information from “people familiar with the launch plans” as well as rehashing how Microsoft has lost half of it’s market share […]

Windows Phone 7 Goodies: Leaks, leaks, and more leaks.


The pace is surely picking up nearing the inevitable launch of Windows Phone 7. Leaked devices photos, commercials, rumors galore, and more! I love it! If you remember the commercials that were leaked over the weekend that I posted about, you might remember the name HTC Mondrian mentioned. That devices showed its face today on […]

Windows Phone 7 Two-Day Developer Sessions Announced


Are you a developer considering a go at Windows Phone 7? My guess is if you are, you’re already on the ball, but maybe you are on the fence. Windows Phone 7 is showing some great promise and there are a ton of great looking apps being shown already. I am a firm believer that […]

Windows Phone 7 Weekend Wrap Up


This weekend provided a nice bit of interesting Windows Phone 7 news. Nothing official really, but enough to give us all some more dates to speculate on. We have a couple dates and some early, apparently leaked, AT&T ads featuring an HTC phone. The Dates in question are October 11th, October 21st, and November 8th. […]