5 Features iOS 5 Needs to Make Me Switch from Android [WWDC]

WWDC 2011 iOS 5 Features

Steve Jobs will take the stage at WWDC 2011 on Monday to announce a collection of new software updates and features. While OS X Lion is expected to be a big part of this announcement, we also expect Jobs to talk about the future of the software that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad […]

After Music, Apple Focuses on Movies, TV Shows for iCloud


After having announced that the iCloud service will be announced at WWDC, Apple is now rumored to be leveraging its rumored cloud storage and streaming service for movies and TV shows in addition to music. The iCloud service has long been rumored as a transition to move iTunes to the cloud. The latest speculation has […]

Apple Confirms iOS 5 Announcement Coming at WWDC

Apple WWDC

Apple, in addition to its iWork for iPhone announcement, has confirmed that it will be introducing the next version of its mobile software, iOS 5, at this year’s WWDC. Not only that but the company will also be unveiling its next-generation OS X software dubbed Lion. An iOS 5 announcement at WWDC had been assumed […]

Report: iOS 5 Will Still Use Google Maps

Google Maps for iOS

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of Apple bringing its own mapping service to the next incarnation of iOS with the purchases of Placebase and Poly. However, a new report indicates that the company will not be including it in its newest version of iOS, iOS 5, that is likely going […]

iPhone 3GS Not Getting iOS 5?

iPhone 3GS

With Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference set to kick off on June 6th in San Francisco and with an announcement about iOS 5 appearing to be a likely one, Eldur Murtazin from Mobile-Review has decided to stir the pot by claiming that Apple’s iPhone 3GS will not only not be included in the first betas […]

Will Apple Announce Cloud-Based iTunes Music at WWDC?


Apple is getting ready to complete deals with most major music labels to bring music to the cloud to rival recent offerings by Google and Amazon. The company had already signed a deal with Warner Music Group last month, according to CNET, and now is getting ready to ink its deal with Universal Music Group […]

Report: iPhone 5 Production To Begin In September

iPhone 4

According to a note from Avian Securities, production of Apple’s iPhone 5 might not begin until September which means the device should hit shelves around the end of this year with a release date that could possibly fall into 2012. There has been much speculation about whether or not the next iPhone would be out […]

Report: iPhone 5 Still On Track For June Launch

iPhone 4

Korean site ETNews.co.kr is reporting that Apple is still planning on releasing the iPhone 5 in June but that the launch won’t come until the 4th week of June. There have been numerous reports saying that Apple will not be announcing the device at the World Wide Developers Conference on June 6th leaving some to […]

Apple’s WWDC to run from June 6-10. Will iPhone 5 be announced?


Perhaps pushing the boundaries of some developers’ scheduling flexibility, Apple announced their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will run from June 6 through June 10 at Moscone West in San Francisco. They promise to “unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS” but will that unveiling include a new iPhone?

Watch The Apple Keynote Network Meltdown


Having done presentations and had some technical difficulties in the past, and being a producer of live theatrical events, where anything has the potential to go wrong, I know full well that pulling these things off flawlessly isn’t an easy job. And when something goes wrong there is no worse feeling in the world. During […]

Apple Releasing Multi-Touch TrackPad with Handwriting Recognition?

Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple’s WWDC kicks off today in San Francisco and of course all sorts of rumors abound. One of them from Engadget this morning points to a “magic trackpad” that connects to a desktop or laptop via Bluetooth and brings all the multi-touch functionality we see on iPhones and iPads. It also supposedly offers handwriting recognition. […]

Apple’s WWDC keynote to include Steve Ballmer?

The Steve Ballmer I know doesn't pull punches.

Here’s a rumor that’s sure to make the heads explode of fanboys from all corners: Steve Ballmer is said to be speaking at the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference next week, talking about using Visual Studio 2010 to build apps for the Apple environment. Let the Internet be set ablaze!

iPhone 2009 is official – The iPhone 3GS

Update! The new iPhone is official and called the iPhone 3GS. The “S” stands for speed. Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone at WWDC. They’re starting by showing off the new OS features, most of which were previously previewed but are now official (including tethering). The real star will be the new hardware. […]

Apple WWDC – iPhone Keynote

Now over 50,000 apps on the App Store. Over 40 million iPhone and iPod Touches. Over 1 billion apps downloaded in only 9 months. Support for MMS will be available via 29 carriers around the world, but not AT&T until late summer. And again ATT lags behind… Tomtom has released a full turn by turn […]

Apple Adds Character Recognition to TrackPad


Apple’s WWDC is off and running. This will be of interest to Tablet PC fans. Apple is adding character recognition to the trackpad. Details are still fuzzy at the moment, but this is certainly going to be a boon for Asian language users and possibly hints at possible other Tablet features to come.

Apple WWDC – the Keynote

New 15″ Macbook Pro with Li-polymer batery with up to 7 hour battery life. Also has 3x the number of recharge cycles -over 1000 recharges. Also replaces the ExperssCard slot with an SD card slot. Up to 3.06 Ghz and up to 8Gb of memory and 500 gb hard drive. Prices start at $1699. The […]

Live from Apple WWDC


I’m sitting in line waiting for my first Apple keynote. Unfortunately, no Steve Jobs for this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, but I’m still hoping for some good announcements!

Predictions for WWDC 2009

Update: Team GottaBeMobile is on the job with Sierra Modro reporting from WWDC. Ahead of that, here are some of what we’re predicting from the event.