Moto X Reveal Set for August 1st

The Moto X will be launched on August 1st.

The Moto X, Motorola’s brand new smartphone that isn’t called Droid Ultra, Droid MAXX or Droid Mini, is set to finally be revealed on August 1st as Motorola has sent out invites for an event set to take place that day in New York City. Motorola’s Moto X has been official for quite some time, […]

Moto X Leaks Flow as Release Approaches

Motorola says that the Moto X is the first smartphone that users can design themselves.

Google and Motorola continue to be secretive about the Moto X but it appears that rumors are taking much of the mystique away as new leaks, including a Moto X video, reveal much of what the company has planned for its customizable smartphone. Earlier this year, Motorola announced its Moto X smartphone, a device that […]

Moto X Shows Off Cheap Looks in Leaked Photo

A purported photo of the Moto X.

The Moto X, Motorola’s very official but still mysterious smartphone, appears to have leaked out in full view ahead of its arrival with the photo offering a glimpse at the device’s back side complete with Motorola logo, black matte finish and a camera front and center. For weeks, the Moto X has been official and […]

Motorola Meeting with Media This Week, But Not for Moto X?

The Moto X launches tomorrow, August 1st.

Rumors of a potential Moto X, Motorola’s new flagship smartphone that’s been hitting the rumor mill for somet time now, reignited when the Google-owned smartphone-maker had sent out media invitations for an event this week scheduled for July 10 and July 11. However, as it turns out, the event may not be for the introduction […]

Moto X Customization Details Emerge


The Moto X is set to be the first big release from Motorola. When it arrives this summer, the device will be what Motorola is calling the first smartphone that users can design. Today, details in regards to that customization emerged and it looks like Motorola will indeed be giving users a way to personalize […]

Moto X Launch Coming Soon, Says Sign Up Page

Motorola says that the Moto X is the first smartphone that users can design themselves.

The new Moto X sign up page claims that the anticipated device will be “coming soon” though it does not go beyond that leaving interested consumers wondering when the Moto X launch might occur. Earlier this year, Motorola announced a brand new smartphone dubbed the Moto X that the company said it would assemble in […]

Moto X: “The First Smartphone You Can Design Yourself”

This is the first ad for the Moto X.

While Motorola and Google are still tight-lipped about the specifics of their upcoming Moto X smartphone, a new advertisement for the device proclaims that it will be the “first smartphone you can design yourself” a statement that seems to back rumors that have suggested that users will be able to customize certain parts of the […]

Moto X: Motorola Readies for Multi-Carrier Launch

Motorola says that the Moto X is the first smartphone that users can design themselves.

The new Moto X smartphone from Motorola, which was seemingly confirmed for a number of carriers in the United States, has seen its fourth carrier rumored today as an FCC filing seems to point to an arrival on U.S. Cellular in addition to AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless. When the Moto X was first announced […]

New Specs for Moto X Leaked


Specs for the Moto X smartphone have been leaked by famed Twitter user @evleaks, which if true would reveal a more modest Motorola Android smartphone. The new leaked specs deviate from prior speculations that we’ve heard, and it’s unclear if the new leaks are accurate, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any changes ahead […]

Why Samsung, Apple Should Be Concerned About the Moto X Threat


Google executives have been underplaying the potent power of Motorola Mobility’s X Phone, which has was recently referred to as the Moto X, but the device could signify trouble for dominant smartphone-makers Apple and Samsung. Earlier this year, Google CFO Patrick Pichette tried to temper expectations about the secret device, saying that it lacked the “wow […]

Moto X Phone Confirmed, Release by October

The Moto X will be Motorola's big name smartphone of the year replacing the Droid RAZR HD.

Motorola took the stage today at the D11 conference and announced its first big name smartphone for 2013, a phone currently dubbed Moto X, a device that will be built in Texas and one that will come to compete against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One by October of this year. […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors Gain Focus

Motorola has barely talked about Android 4.2, let alone Android 4.3.

The Motorola X Phone, which has seen a hefty amount of rumors emerge over the past few weeks, has started to come more into focus ahead of its upcoming arrival in the weeks ahead. Over the past few months, the Motorola X Phone rumor mill has been churning, getting ever so closer to the actual […]

Motorola X Phone: Made in the USA Label Points to Customization

An FCC filing for what may be the Motorola X Phone points to a Made in the USA tag and customization options.

The Motorola X Phone rumors claim a plethora of customization options will set the phone apart and a new FCC filing appears to support this rumor thanks to a big change in where the X Phone is assembled. An FCC filing for the Motorola XT1058 showed up at the FCC last Friday showing off support for […]

Motorola Allegedly Working On Smaller X Phone, Droid Blast Feature


A new rumor from Hot Hardware says that Motorola is working on a smaller, “M” version of the rumored X Phone and a new sharing feature it calls “Droid Blast.” The source says that Motorola will release a smaller version of the rumored X Phone at the same time as the larger version. The Motorola […]

7 Exciting Smartphones Upcoming in 2013


The new year got off to an extremely slow start in terms of new devices. The arrival of the Sony Xperia Z marked the first big arrival of the year but up until a few weeks ago, it was alone. In the weeks since, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have joined it […]

Motorola Obake Smartphone Spotted for Verizon


A new and unannounced Motorola Obake smartphone for Verizon Wireless was seen on a leaked benchmark report from AnTuTu. There is little information about the phone available at this time, but the benchmarking score was an 18218 and the device is believed to be running a 1.7 GHz Snapdragon processor with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean under […]

Motorola X Phone Leak Said to Be the Real Deal


We had reported of what appears to be leaked images of Motorola’s much rumored, often talked about, and highly anticipated X Phone, with screenshots of the device bearing AT&T branding in the software. It appears that those images are the real deal and do represent Motorola’s X Phone efforts. “We have confirmation that these pics […]

Is This the Motorola X Phone for AT&T?

The signage here points to an XFON for AT&T.

Several images of a boxed up Motorola smartphone have emerged today showing off what could be the first, semi-glimpse at the upcoming Motorola X Phone which has been rumored for AT&T’s 4G LTE network. The notorious @evleaks account has posted two photos of what appear to be a boxed up Motorola smartphone. What this means […]

Google X Phone Concept: Skips Customization, Combines Rumors

A Google X Phone Concept shows off a possible look for Google's Motorola X Phone.

The Google X Phone from Motorola is rumored to arrive later this year with a host of crazy customization options, manageable screen sizes and stock Android, depending on the rumor of the week. A new Google X Phone concept combines some of these rumors into a X Phone mock up that offers a sleek looking […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors Keep Getting Crazier

The Droid RAZR MAXX HD and other Motorola phones remain on Android 4.1.

The Motorola X Phone rumors keep on flowing and they keep getting more and more out there as the latest rumor pegs the device as coming with a wood casing option and an exclusive launch on AT&T and not Verizon Wireless as has been rumored in the past. While HTC and Samsung have already played […]