Google X Phone with Android 5.0 Surfaces


One of the more heavily rumored devices of 2013 is the presumed Motorola X Phone which has been tagged as the company’s first flagship of 2013. Rumors thus far have been all over the board and adding to it today is a benchmark that could be for the X Phone, a benchmark that points to […]

Motorola X Phone: Rumor Says 20 Color Options

The Samsung Galaxy S4 only comes in two colors. The Motorola X Phone could come in 20.

The Motorola X Phone, which is rumored to be coming out later this year to take on the likes of the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One is rumored to be coming with at least one feature that these phones may not have, specifically, as many as 20 different color options for […]

Google’s Motorola Devices: Smaller, Stock Android, Second Half 2013


Those hoping for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sized competitor from Google and Motorola are likely going to be disappointed as Motorola has confirmed that it’s focusing on smaller smartphones for the second half of this year that feature vanilla Android though it refrained from announcing the rumored Motorola X Phone. Read: Motorola X Phone […]

Motorola X Phone Delayed, May Miss Google I/O


The latest report speculates that Google-owned Motorola Mobility has faced some delays for the X Phone. Originally, it was believed that the device would be announced at Google I/O in mid-May and will face in the July time frame. However, according to sources to Phone Arena, it appears that the X Phone may not ship until […]

Motorola X Phone Specs Reportedly Won’t Kill Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S

The first X Phone, set to replace the Droid RAZR MAXX HD, is rumored for a July release.

The Motorola X Phone, which has been rumored to be both a superphone and a more realistic smartphone, is once again back in rumors and this time, the rumors suggest that the specifications of the X Phone won’t be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5S. Read: Motorola X Phone Rumors Swirl. […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors Swirl


Besides the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5, one of the other highly anticipated smartphones of the year is the Motorola X Phone, a device that is said to be many things. Today, rumors have swirled again with rumors suggesting that it will come packed with a strong, sub-5-inch display and a […]

Motorola X Phone May Take Pointers from Porsche

The Motorola X Phone may indeed come with customizable hardware.

Former Apple evangelist and current Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki has stirred the Motorola X Phone rumor mill as a recent comment seems to align with a rumor that has suggested that the Motorola X Phone may come with customizable hardware. Read: Motorola X Phone Rumors: Custom Hardware, Cheap, June Release. In a Google+ post, Guy […]

Lookout! Sasquatch, Yeti, and Ghost Headed for AT&T?

Motorola says that the Moto X is the first smartphone that users can design themselves.

While the real Bigfoot is still nowhere to be found, Motorola’s Sasquatch, Yeti, and Ghost smartphones are now rumored to be headed to AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the U.S. The phones are rumored to be part of Motorola’s new X Phone strategy, which would be among the first of a new crop of Motorola […]

“X Phone” to Usher in a Revolution at Motorola in More Ways Than One


The “X Phone” from Motorola could be the first phone in a line designed to interact with innovative accessories from Google and provide affordable devices directly to consumers. According to sources who talked exclusively to Android and Me, the rumored “X Phone” could be the first smartphone released as part of a new initiative that […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors: Custom Hardware, Cheap, June Release

The Motorola X Phone is again rumored to be a superphone, and one that could compete with the Galaxy S4.

The Motorola X Phone, which has been rumored as device later this year, might actually be more than just that as new rumors suggest that the X Phone is not just one phone, but a brand of phones and will be possibly be coming with an assortment of intriguing features including a way to customize […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors Point to More Realistic Device

The Motorola X Phone is looking like a more modest smartphone.

While previous Motorola X Phone rumors painted the device out to be a potential beast of a smartphone, the latest Motorola X Phone rumors suggest that a much more modest and realistic device could be coming from both Google and Motorola later this year. Read: Motorola X Phone Could Be a Competitor, But May Not […]

Motorola X Phone Could Be a Competitor, But May Not Wow You


The Motorola X Phone, which has been rumored to be a collaboration between Google and Motorola set for a debut at Google I/O 2013, may indeed arrive at Google I/O but it may not be the savior or have the ‘wow’ factor that many consumers are hoping for. Read: Motorola X Phone Rumors Suggest Serious […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors Suggest Serious Galaxy S4 & iPhone Competitor


The Motorola X Phone has appeared in the rumor mill once again and this time, rumors suggest that the phone could be a “game changer” that could seriously challenge the iPhone and the upcoming Galaxy S4 flagship from Samsung that is rumored to be debuting in just a few weeks time. Read: Motorola X Phone […]

Motorola X Phone Rumors: Massive Battery, Good Camera


The Motorola X Phone, rumored to be Motorola’s flagship smartphone of 2013, has seen more rumors pop up, suggesting that the device could have a Droid RAZR MAXX HD sized battery, a durable high-quality design and a fantastic camera, the latter feature being something that Motorola isn’t known for. Read: Motorola X Phone Outed by […]

Motorola X Phone Outed by Motorola?

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.08.35 PM

The Motorola X Phone, a device that has been rumored to be a joint effort between Motorola and Google, with a launch date potentially set for Google I/O, has made what appears to be an official appearance in an official job posting on LinkedIn. Read: Top 10 Rumored Smartphones for 2013. In the past few […]

Top 10 Rumored Smartphones for 2013


Since the end of December, smartphones set for release in 2013 have already leaked out from under cover, showing their potential upcoming face to the world at large. Already, we’ve heard about several big name smartphones including the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S. Those are just the tip of the iceberg however. […]

Motorola X Phone Release Date, Specs, News and Rumors


With 2013 next-generation smartphones on the way, most of the attention has been focused on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and the rumored HTC M7, the two next-generation smartphones from two of the biggest Android manufacturers in the world. One company that has been out of the daily spotlight is another major name, Motorola, though […]

Google Talks Nexus Supply Issues, Hints at Motorola’s Future Products


In its earnings call, Google gave some hints about what’s happening as it dives deeper into the hardware business with its Nexus smartphone and tablet line as well as the newly acquired Motorola Mobility unit. Nexus Supply Issues In terms of the Nexus product line, hardware partner LG had initially denied shortages of the Google-branded […]

Motorola X Phone Pegged for Summer Launch on Verizon for $300

Google may continue the friendly Motorola, Verizon friendship with an X Phone announcement.

Motorola’s much-rumored X Phone is expected to be available for consumer purchase this summer and at least one leak has it that the device will be available on July 8th on Verizon’s 4G LTE network in the U.S. for the price of just under $300 with a two-year contract. The smartphone has been rumored with […]

Motorola X Phone With Edge-to-Edge Display Rumored for Google I/O Debut


Google usually announces new Nexus hardware in collaboration with its hardware partners at its annual Google I/O developer conference every year, and this year, Google-owned Motorola is expected to debut its X Phone at the same conference according to the latest leaks. Motorola’s X Phone, unlike the unlocked Nexus, will be carrier-targeted, so hopefully Motorola […]