Reports Highlight Growing Problems for Xbox Games on Windows Phone


While a new report on the state of Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone games isn’t necessarily indicative of Microsoft’s attitude towards games in general, it does paint a rather bleak future for one of Windows Phone’s key features: Xbox LIVE games. In the lengthy report, WPCentral provides a inside look at why Chickens Can’t Fly, an Xbox […]

New Xbox One Titles Emphasize Cloud Abilities

The Xbox One price is set at £399.99 in the UK at a third-party retailer, but it is subject to change.

The incoming batch of Xbox One titles seem to indicate that, rather than focusing on Kinect, Microsoft will instead use the cloud processing abilities of the Xbox One to create larger game worlds and immersive game play. Among the titles, the sequel to Microsoft’s Forza racing franchise seems to be the most cloud-dependent gaming the […]