Xbox Users Get Free Titanfall Season Pass & More 


Microsoft and its partners are on a mission to make Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners happy this week. Early this morning, the Xbox Store began offering the downloadable content for one of last year’s most popular Xbox exclusives for free. At the same time Electronic Arts was rolling out a free trial of last […]

Small Windows 10 Detail Could Spark Big Xbox Controversy

How to Take a Screenshot on the Xbox One (1)

For years, Microsoft has forced Xbox users to purchase a subscription to its Xbox Live Gold service if they wanted to play with their friends and family online. This week Microsoft confirmed it has no plans to require games with Xbox Live integration on smartphones, desktops, notebooks and tablets to pay for Xbox Live and it’s […]

Cheap Xbox Live is the Best Deal in Gaming

xbox one with transparent live tiles

Microsoft Store, the retail arm of the company behind Windows, Windows Phone and Office, is making it even cheaper to sign up for its Xbox Live gaming service. The retailer is offering cheap Xbox Live and taking the paper cards that the codes usually come on out of the question It’s unclear when the Microsoft […]

Insane Deal Gets Users Xbox Live & More For Even Less


The Work & Play subscription bundle that Microsoft started selling in the run up to the holiday season already made purchasing a year of Xbox Music and Xbox Live affordable. In a new deal, the Microsoft Store is slashing the price on that same Work & Play bundle with Xbox Music and Xbox Live included. […]

How to Check If Xbox Live is Up On the Xbox One


From time to time Xbox Live goes down, leaving you to wonder if there’s something wrong with your internet connection or even your Xbox One. Here’s how to check if Xbox Live is up on the Xbox One. At first glance, the Xbox One looks like just a machine. It’s glossy & matte black exterior […]

How to Get Free Xbox One Games, Music and Movies

Xbox One Problems - Turning Off Randomly

The Xbox One and the Xbox 360 aren’t just consoles. Like all modern devices, it isn’t the capabilities that they have when they arrive to you that make them worthwhile. Instead, their worth is measured in the video games, television shows and other content that they enable. It’s great that they’re able to offer so […]

Achievements and Siri: Xbox Live Could Be Coming to the iPhone


Microsoft used the Xbox 360 and original Xbox to define what it means to play multiplayer, earn achievements and stay connected with friends and family no matter wherever they are. Now, Microsoft could be poised to enlist even more new devices as it positions its Xbox Live service as a competitor to other services. The company is working to bring […]

Microsoft Temporarily Slashes Year-Long Subscriptions to Xbox Live

Xbox One

Though Microsoft allows users to pay single player games on its Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, there’s no denying that the experience on both consoles is made better by Xbox LIVE Gold, a subscription service that grants users the ability to play games online and access to entertainment apps through the console. Thanks to […]

Free Xbox Live Gold Coming This Weekend for US and Canada Gamers

Xbox Live

Microsoft announced this morning that Xbox gamers will be able to take advantage of free Xbox Live Gold this weekend, allowing users with only a Silver membership to experience some of the benefits that a Gold subscription offers, and the company hopes to bring some gamers over the paying side once they see all the […]

Is Xbox Live Online? Here’s How To Find Out

How to Setup an Xbox One (25)

Xbox Live, the service that powers Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox services, is crucial. Without it, users can’t download new games or play online games against other users in titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts and more. Unfortunately, sometimes users overwhelm the service, leaving Xbox One buyers to wonder if there’s a problem […]

Xbox 360 Black Friday Sales Now Live, Up to 75% Off on Games

The Xbox 360e

Microsoft has begun its Xbox Live sales for the Xbox 360 today and they will last until next week on December 2. All week long, you’ll be able to buy games from the Xbox Live Arcade, as well as Games on Demand, with one-day sales also happening on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. All week […]

Microsoft Extends Games with Gold Promotion to Xbox One


It wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft announced that it would give subscribers of its Xbox LIVE Gold service two free games a month as part of the Games With Gold promotion. That promotion guaranteed users two free games a month if they had an Xbox LIVE Gold account and an Xbox 360. Thankfully, Microsoft […]

Microsoft Delays Real-Name Aspects of Xbox LIVE Until After Xbox One Launch


When the Xbox One launches this November users won’t be able to search for or identify other users by their real names as originally planned. In a statement to Kotaku, Microsoft confirmed that users would only be able to identify other users through their Gamertag at launch. While the situation mirrors how users identify each […]

Microsoft Brings Achievements to Android Users with Wordament


Microsoft’s own Wordament puzzle game is now available to Android device owners, and it comes complete with Xbox LIVE Achievements. Wordament for Android debuted early this morning for free to all users of Google’s Android operating system. Like its Windows Phone counterparts Wordament users simply race against a clock to spell as many words with on-screen […]

Gamers Can Play Xbox One Games As They Download

Xbox One

The Xbox One will let gamers play games on their console as they download them from Xbox Live. Microsoft today confirmed to Polygon that it will let gamers play games as they download them to their Xbox One, eliminating some of the wait time. Gamers will still have to wait for part of the game […]

Microsoft Details New Xbox One Achievements

Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox One will use the cloud to make games like Forza Motorsport 5 and TitanFall better, but the cloud will also help make achievements even more interesting in the next generation. Cierra McDonald, Program Manager for the Xbox Live Achievements, recently outlined the changes to the achievements system on Major Nelson’s blog, detailing the […]

New Xbox One Titles Emphasize Cloud Abilities

The Xbox One price is set at £399.99 in the UK at a third-party retailer, but it is subject to change.

The incoming batch of Xbox One titles seem to indicate that, rather than focusing on Kinect, Microsoft will instead use the cloud processing abilities of the Xbox One to create larger game worlds and immersive game play. Among the titles, the sequel to Microsoft’s Forza racing franchise seems to be the most cloud-dependent gaming the […]

My Xbox Live Update Lets The iPhone Control the Xbox 360

My Xbox LIVE

Last year Microsoft released the My Xbox Live app for iOS which let iPhone and iPad users view their Xbox Live friends, messages, and content from their phone or tablet of choice. Today the iPhone app gets a major update and Android users finally get a version of the app. The new My Xbox Live […]